What Happened to Clinton Kelly?

TLC’s What Not to Wear was the “go” when it premiered. So naturally, it was highly satisfying to see $5,000 makeovers and glow-ups.
Clinton Kelly and Stacy London provided a breath of fresh air to reality television. We offered the ladies the best make-up tips, and they devoured them!
It was somewhat surprising that the show ended after almost a decade of existence.
The co-hosts got into a fight, which led to the cancellation of What Not to Wear. There were rumors that the co-hosts were bitter and hateful. Many wondered what happened to Clinton Kelly after he left the show.
Find out what happened to him by reading on!

What Happened to Clinton Kelly

Magazines on career development

Kelly worked as an editor and writer for several publications in New York before joining What Not to Wear. Kelly discussed topics such as fitness, travel, and relationships. He worked as a deputy editor at Marie Claire and Mademoiselle under the pseudonym “Joe L’Amour” for several years before becoming the executive editor of the DNR, a trade publication for men’s fashion. Additionally, he contributes a column and expert style advice to Women’s Day.

Their relationship comes to an end.

The breakup was more of an amicable one.

While Clinton Kelly got married and had children, Stacy London wished to become an independent woman.

He preferred to stay at home so he could spend more time with his family! Despite their separation, they remain close friends.

There are still many unanswered questions. As an example, Stacy complained about being blocked on Twitter by Clinton in 2017. Additionally, Stacy’s relationship with Clinton was also discussed in Clinton’s memoir, further fueling speculation.

A few months later, Stacy appeared on the pilot episode of The Dish, a talk show with Katie Couric.

It seemed as if she went through a continuous process after the show wasn’t picked up. But, eventually, Stacy did have the chance to host What Not To Wear with Clinton again!

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There is a shift going on!

The dynamic of this team has changed slightly because of new producers asking them to play more towards the camera.

Neither party knew how to act around the other, which led to tension between them.

Luckily, he did because they worked again on TLC’s spinoff series What Not To Wear: Wedding Dress, which still airs today.

We never know if we will catch Stacy on this show in the future, as she is rumored to be returning soon!

What happened to Clinton Kelly

HGTV currently airs a reality show called Self-Made Mansions, hosted by Clinton Kelly.

The premiere of the show took place on January 8th, 2021. Having previously worked on What Not to Wear and The Chew, he brings a lot of style and experience to this show.

Stacy and Clinton separated after the show. He would, however, sometimes visit her in New York City when the show aired.

After the relationship ended, the two decided to stay friends. They remain very close to this day and have appeared together on many television shows since then.

The two of them aren’t at odds with one another. Therefore, the rumors spread about them are untrue.

It’s impossible for them not to be friends now, so maybe the media overreacted!

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