Who Is Kate McKinnon Girlfriend? Kate McKinnon’s Girlfriend List?

Kate McKinnon

Known for her work on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon is an American actress, writer, and comedian. As well as appearing in Yesterday and Bombshell’s movies, she makes a celebrity impression on The Big Gay Sketch Show.
She is successful in her career and dating life due to her mature and humble personality. Her fans are curious about her personal life, especially her relationship with her partner. Despite keeping most of her relationships under wraps, here we learn more about her ex-partners. Does she already have a husband?

Kate McKinnon
Kate McKinnon

Being a lesbian hasn’t always been easy for Kate McKinnon. 

Kate McKinnon is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood. But, let’s start with a fact: McKinnon is a lesbian and has always been into women, and her journey of accepting her sexuality wasn’t always easy.

In an interview with the New York Times, McKinnon said she gained the strength to accept her sexuality from Ellen DeGeneres’ sitcom, Ellen. While presenting Ellen with the Carol Burnett Award at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, she expressed her gratitude. Her speech goes:

She risked her entire career and life to ensure that the rules were upheld, and she suffered greatly as a result. Of course, attitudes change, but it is because brave individuals like Ellen jump into the fire and force them to change.

Also, she said it was scary to ask yourself, “Am I gay?” when you were a little kid, and the answer was yes. The first time she questioned herself was in 1997, in the basement of her mom’s house, as she watched a sitcom starring Ellen DeGeneres. She also disclosed this fact in her speech at the Golden Globes.

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Jackie Abbott

Five years ago, Kate Abbott and Jackie Abbott met, and not long after, they made their first public appearance on the red carpet of the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Jackie and Kate are both very private and don’t have social media accounts. The only thing Jackie’s Instagram account is dedicated to is modelling photos.

There are many things Kate and Jackie have in common.

Kate and Jackie are not planning to slow down anytime soon, as they are still going strong today. Now it’s been a little over five years!

The funny thing is that neither Kate nor Jackie addressed their relationship, and if it hadn’t been for Michelle Visage, we wouldn’t have known.

Michelle Visage posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “I have SUCH a crush on #KATEMCKINNON!!! Her girlfriend Jackie was just as lovely as she is!”

Like Kate, those close to her described Jackie as a cheerful and funny person. However, during college, one of her professors nicknamed her “cheeky firecracker.”

Kate Creditted Ellen with her success

It was pretty emotional and soothing for Kate and Ellen to attend the 2020 golden globe awards. In an open letter, Kate shared the reason that has helped her throughout her life. She described how Ellen became for her the night in the shining armour as she accepted the Carol Burnett Award for Achievement. When Kate was struggling with her sexuality in 1997, Ellen helped her. It was Ellen’s show on television that influenced Kate. The only thing that made it less scary was Ellen on TV.”. Kate is very grateful to Ellen for helping her come out with her truth and accept it.

Marla Mindelle

Although we don’t know when they met, we see that they started dating in 2013, and their relationship lasted for three years until 2016.

Musical theatre actress Marla is known for her brilliant Broadway performances.

They made their first public appearance at the Emmys in 2014, and everyone who met them praised them.

The couple was described as the cutest couple ever, while Marla was described as excellent and funny. We all know Kate is very private, but luckily Marla is the opposite.

Marla regularly documented the fun and extraordinary times they had together on Instagram while their relationship lasted.

It was a shock to everyone when they announced they were breaking up. The reason for the breakup is unknown, but since they remain friends, nothing flamboyant likely took place.

Bari Weiss

The resignation letter of former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss cited workplace discrimination as a reason for leaving the paper.

This was a major scandal at the time. After leaving the New York Times, Weiss began working for the Wall Street Journal.

She dated Kate McKinnon some time ago, which is the best thing about her.

Back then, Kate had not yet come out of the closet and was not open about her sexuality. They both graduated from Columbia University in the same year.

This didn’t stop her and Bari from having a romantic relationship together. This wasn’t an easy task, they had to hide their relationship, but their love was always there.

After some time, Bari found herself in the spotlight when the truth came out. 

In an interview, however, Bari said that she was in love with men and women throughout her life and did not want to be the centre of attention for dating Kate while they were in college.

Meanwhile, Kate didn’t speak openly about her relationship and never really addressed it.

Who Is Kate McKinnon Dating?

Jackie Abbott, who starred in Murder and Miss Sugar Tit, is Kate McKinnon’s girlfriend. The couple made their first public appearance at the Los Angeles Prime Time Emmy Awards. 

During the awards ceremony, it was rumoured that they began dating. They are still going strong. However, neither of them has disclosed anything publicly about their relationship. But Michelle Visage’s post on Instagram gave us hope. Michelle captioned her post: “I have SUCH a crush on #KATEMCKINNON SO HAPPY SHE WON!!! It is just as lovely to be around her girlfriend Jackie as it is to be around her!!”. This sweet truth about the couple was brought to our attention by Michelle, and we hope they will blossom more in the future.

Kate McKinnon Dating History

There are certain rumours about Kate McKinnon’s dating history. Some are true, and some are not. So let’s find out what is true and what is not!

Kate McKinnon and Marla Mindelle were dating in 2013. The couple shared a relationship but didn’t end up together.

 While Kate was a private person, Marla was always up for beautiful moments with Kate. Anyway, three years aren’t that bad. Kate had a romantic relationship with Bari Weiss in the past. 

It was rumored they were dating during their college tenure. However, it didn’t work out well, and Kate was rumoured to be married to Leslie Jones. But guys, it was just for an advertisement. They took each other as sisters and didn’t have any romantic feelings for each other.

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