Is Davey Havok Married? Facts and Myths About His Sexuality

is Davey Havok bi

Davey Havok, who is an American singer from the rock group AFI, Blaqk Audio, XTRMST, and Dreamcar, probably comes to our minds as an eccentric figure. Among his genres are hardcore punk and rock.

Aside from being a famous musician, Havok is also known for encouraging people to be vegan and take care of animals. In 2016, PETA awarded him the Hero of the Year for Animals Award. Let,s find out more – Is Davey Havok Married?

The fact that Davey Havok has relationships is still an exciting fact about him. Our next step is to examine Davey Havok’s personal life in more depth.

Known for his straight-edge lifestyle and veganism, Havok is an outspoken advocate.
Rochester, New York, United States, was the birthplace of the American Artist on November 20, 1975. Originally from Italy, he has Italian ancestry.

is Davey Havok bi

What is the relationship with Brittany Bowe? Do they still live together?

To make you girls even more relieved that Havok is not gay, here is another good news: he is currently single. At this point, he is not married, dating, or hooking up. Although he has dated some girls, he also has some lists.

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Davey Havok allegedly dated American model Brittany Bowen in 2006, but their romance has ended. Jared Mort is currently dating Brittany Bowen, and it’s not clear yet what caused their breakup.

Being a very private individual, Havok rarely talks about his relationship or reveals it in his interviews. Nevertheless, some media outlets reported that the couple is still together, while others claimed they already broke up long ago. Nonetheless, we can see what their romantic life was like in their pictures, so we are not clueless!

davey havok populer picture

Does he have a sexual orientation?

It is common for people to share rumors about celebrities’ sexuality and orientation. In Davey Havok’s case, it is no different. His homosexuality or bisexuality has been alleged several times. Unfortunately, the only straight man is Davey Havok! Neither of them is gay.

A musician friend of Davey’s, Jade, posted on the AFI official message boards: “I hate to break your bubble, but Davey is not gay or bi.” “Just because your friend heard that he was gay or you read it on some message board does not prove it.”

The public still refuses to believe Havok is not gay, even though Jade claims to have made these posts repeatedly over the years. Although he wears makeup, styles and constantly changes his appearance, he is just a heterosexual and not gay.

What is Davey Havok’s relationship status?

About four people have been in official relationships with Davey Havok. A party acquaintance of Monica Parker resulted in their dating in 2003. After dating for two years, the couple got engaged but unfortunately called off their engagement the following year.

When he split with Monica, Davey became romantically involved with a model named Brittany Bowen. About 15 years ago, the couple started dating. The difference in ages between Brittany and Havok is 37 years and 45 years.

Together with Ivy Levan, you’re looking perfect.

She is an actress, singer, songwriter, and model. In the Rocky Horror Show film, she is most famous for her role. So Davey Havok would be a good match from that perspective, wouldn’t it?

According to their fashion style, they both have dark and gothic tastes, so they go well together. They looked adorable, cuddling together in their pictures! Neither Levan nor Havok were dressed in shirts; both were shirtless.

During Levan’s Hang Forever music video, the duo worked together with Havok as well. Havok responded to Levan’s tweets with the words, “You are a natural.”. It was a pleasure to be cast in this movie in 2014. He received many replies from his fans, saying they enjoyed their work together.

Ivy Levan and Davey Havok were reported, however, to be just a fling in the media. In 2006, they hooked up for a few weeks before they separated.

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  • David is a huge tattoo lover and has more than 20 tattoos.
  • Not hating alcohol and drugs.
  • In actuality, he was transformed into a vegetarian.

Davey Havock offers an invitation to any musician who desires to walk along his guided path. His hard work and dedication, which brought him fans from all over the world’s television. The world’s television has embraced him and praised him. But, not a very significant part of many groups at least at first glance. You can follow Davey Havok Instagram.

Average Salary, Earnings, and Net Worth for Davey Havok in 2021

Based on his very successful music business, he earned an estimated net worth of around $25 million by 2021. In addition, several family moves are overdue. Moreover, Davey has his own clothing brand and has written several books, out of which he earns a considerable amount of money.


Either of them did not confirm the rumor of cheating. As far as dating is concerned, Monica Parker keeps a lot of information a secret.

Davey Havok is a famous and eccentric rock band lead vocalist, but he is a somewhat closed-off person with an extreme sense of what matters to him. Davey Havok, the sexiest vegetarian and sexiest man ever, is also the most private person who has kept his life confidential!

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