Sydney Sweeney Under Fire For Saying Her Paycheck Can’t Cover Living Expenses

Sydney Sweeney Under Fire For Saying Her Paycheck

The famous Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has recently been slammed for her comments that young actors are not getting paid enough in an age when the number of people living in extreme poverty is increasing every day, according to recent data.
According to the actress, rising actors are not getting paid like they used to, and the young actors are having a more challenging time covering the costs of their living, especially since there is a decrease in the amount of money they make.
With the way I am being paid today, there is no way I could afford a six-month break from work, Sweeney explained. Sydney Sweeney Under Fire For Saying Her Paycheck Can’t Cover Living Expenses.

Sydney Sweeney Under Fire For Saying Her Paycheck
Sydney Sweeney Under Fire For Saying Her Paycheck Can't Cover Living Expenses

As a millennial, Sydney Sweeney experienced burnout for the first time this summer. Given her extensive life experience, it seems like a technicality that the actress is a member of Gen Z at 24. However, several fast and furious events convinced her brain she was likely dying in June when the panic attacks began. According to her, she was losing her mind.
The regimen worked in the immediate sense – though, she adds, “I still can’t get my mind to shut up, and I don’t sleep.” – but helped her realize her punishing schedule of back-to-back film and T.V. projects was holding her back. Sweeney finds it very difficult to accept this lesson because of the pressure she feels to make the most of this pivotal moment in her career – and also because that same anxiety often convinces her that the momentum could stop at any moment.

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We are having breakfast in New York three days after the Emmy nominations were announced; she scored nominations for both Euphoria (supporting actress in a drama) and The White Lotus (supporting actress in a limited series). After leaving Boston for a few months, she has just flown down to New York, where she will spend several months working on Marvel’s Madame Web movie, with very little public knowledge of the character she plays. As part of my quest to discover anything about the highly secretive Spider-Man offshoot, I have been asking her about her time in the New England city.
She describes herself as an open person. “I love to talk about everything,” she says, noting that it annoys her that she cannot share her thoughts about Madame Web. But, as I learned from her, she’s preparing for the role with fight training, movement work, and something called Reformacore Pilates, and she was drawn to the film because of the personal struggles the character faces. She also shares how she prefers Boston’s slower pace to New York’s frenetic pace. So although we’re on the rooftop of Sweeney’s favorite Manhattan hotel, we’re insulated from the city’s chaos.

Her $3M home has allowed Sydney to live a lavish lifestyle. 

It’s implausible that successful actors from HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ cannot afford the costs of rent and food, even though many people worldwide struggle to make ends meet.

The second season of ‘Euphoria’ is expected to generate over $500 million in revenue. 

Several people pointed out immediately after Sydney’s comments about living expenses that she had bought a luxurious $3M house at the age of 24. 

As she pointed out, she can hardly afford a 6-month break from work, which she needs. 

Multiple people found this, posting comments like ‘Well sh*t, neither can I’, ‘Lol, I can’t even afford a 2-week holiday, and ‘What other occupation can people afford a six-month break in?’

According to a Redditor, she should show fiscal responsibility since she just bought a luxury home worth $3 million.

“Actors don’t get paid like they used to, and streamers don’t pay residuals anymore,” Sweeney commented. I have to pay my lawyer 5%, my agents 10%, my business manager 3%, or something like that. I have to pay my publicist monthly, and that’s more than my mortgage.”

She currently stars in an Armani beauty campaign and is the celebrity face of Miu Miu. “If I just acted, I wouldn’t be able to afford my life in L.A.,” she told the outlet.

In the past, Sweeney has been candid about her childhood and the hardships her family endured for her to launch an acting career at the age of 13.

The family shared one hotel room at one point.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted her saying, “My mom and I shared a bed, and my dad and little brother shared a couch.”

Additionally, her parents’ marriage suffered due to financial hardships.

After Sweeney turned 18, she had just $800 to her name. Her parents weren’t back together, and there was nothing she could do to help. “I thought I would be able to buy my parents’ house back and put them back together if I made enough money,” she explained.

It is embarrassing to play a role in ads and campaigns. 

She received another comment regarding her attitude towards her ‘side work’ from multiple people.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the actress discussed having a role in an Armani campaign, but her response made people think she was ungrateful!

Considering Armani, Gucci, and other brands pay their models well, fans had every right to say, “I had to star in an Armani campaign!” But, unfortunately, it just doesn’t fill me with empathy. 

There is no doubt that Sydney Sweeney is a rising star.

Sydney’s career started 13 years ago, despite her fans thinking ‘Euphoria’ is her only significant role so far. 

In addition to her roles in television shows such as “Criminal Minds”, “Heroes”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “In The Vault”, Sydney has also appeared in movies such as “Cassidy Way”, “Angels in Stardust”, and “Relentless”. 

Aside from “Handmaid’s Tale”, Sydney appeared in “Euphoria” as well as the upcoming movie “Madame Web”.

She will hopefully land better roles before she burns out!

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