What musical instrument does Kenny G use? Update 2023

What kind of saxophone does Kenny G play?

Kenny G is probably known to you. However, if you don’t know much about saxophones, then you might wonder what kind of saxophone he plays.

The primary instrument Kenny G plays is the soprano saxophone, but he also plays alto and tenor saxophones. It is the Selmer Mark VI model of saxophones he uses or What musical instrument does Kenny G use?

Is it impossible for you to define the terms soprano saxophone and Selmer Mark VI? I believe we are getting to that point.

What kind of saxophone does Kenny G play?

It’s the soprano sax that Kenny G is most famous for

It is the soprano saxophone that Kenny G most often plays since it has a higher range than most other saxes. However, contrary to most saxes, it is typically styled more like a clarinet, so sometimes people mistake it for one.

It is sometimes thought that the soprano sax is the most difficult to play among the four most commonly used saxophones. Since the mouthpiece is smaller, the instrument is challenging to control.

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However, the instrument can also be played while using a lesser amount of air pressure due to the smaller size. This makes it easier to breathe circularly, which is part of the reason Kenny G chose to set an international record with this instrument.

Kenny G played the soprano saxophone on most of his well-known songs. All three of these Kenny G songs, featuring the soprano saxophone, are classic Kenny G songs.

What is Kenny G’s background?

A few people may not be familiar with Kenny G., but that’s no big deal. Let me give you a little background information.

Kenny G is a saxophonist who performs under his real name, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick. His first love was the saxophone when he was only ten years old.

In 1973, he played with Barry White’s orchestra. During that time, he began exploring music professionally. Early in his career, he was a member of the band “Cold, Bold, and Together.” Later, he collaborated with Jeffrey Lorber.

Kenny has been a solo artist since 1982, winning the hearts of millions of music lovers across the United States. He has an official website where you can learn more about his upcoming concerts.

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The alto saxophone

Originating from Belgium, this saxophone dates from around 1840. Saxophones of this size are larger than those of soprano.

Several jazz musicians have used the alto, such as Charlie Parker, Art Pepper, and Eugene Rousseau.

Tenor Saxophone

The chances of seeing a tenor saxophone are high if the mouthpiece of the horn is large. In comparison with other saxophones, this instrument has a curved neck.

Ben Webster, Chris Potter, and Stan Getz are notable jazz players that you may remember. Some of the tenor saxophone users are listed above, but there are many others.

saxophone does kenny g play

Getting it Done: Kenny G’s Success Story

Suffice it to say that his saxophone mastery is unparalleled. Folks, he held his first saxophone at the age of ten. I think this should compel anyone to follow their dreams.

It was none other than….guess who the inspiration for Kenneth was? But, of course, it was none other than…The Ed Sullivan Show!

There was a saxophonist in the orchestra of the show. So naturally, this musical scene captured the attention of young Kenneth.

Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins are among his influences when playing the saxophone. The way he plays music is peculiar, however. His style inspired the genre of ‘Smooth Jazz.’

Kenny G’s sound – how to emulate him

I wouldn’t immediately go and buy all the equipment Kenny G uses if you aspire to sound like him as a saxophonist. He makes sound possibilities out of his style, saxophone setup, and electronic modifications. Do not purchase one unless you’re willing to invest at least $10,000 in a Mark VI. Most modern saxophones are as good as the old ones.

The best place to start is by listening to Kenny G and observing the way he performs. Observe how he often starts notes with a quieter volume than the remainder of the message and how he often uses a wide vibrato at the ends of his letters. Then, try to play some of his songs according to the style he uses. You can emulate his styles and sounds by copying his tendencies.

You can then invest in reeds and mouthpieces if you have the extra cash. It’s hard to regret buying a few Hemke reeds to try out since they’re usually reliable and consistent.

You might need to be careful when using the mouthpiece. You might need to spend more than $100 for a spokesperson. For instance, metal mouthpieces are often over $300. Combine this with the fact that representatives rarely play the same way (even the same kind of representative can play differently), and you may end up making a significant investment in a mouthpiece that is actually useless.

If you want to test a mouthpiece before buying it, you should go to a physical music store. To determine if the different voices play differently, it’s good to test multiple agents of the same brand and model. If you’ve had some experience playing the saxophone, you probably know enough to determine which mouthpieces are good and which ones aren’t. However, beginners should wait until they have more experience before purchasing a representative.

Here are a few quick facts about Kenny G

Let’s finish the blog on a positive note! Other than music, you may also enjoy:

  • Among Kenny’s hobbies is golf.
  • His favorite pastime is flying.
  • Starbucks was one of Kenny’s investments.

Kenny G is not just a great musician, and he is also a fantastic golfer. Having the pilot tag shows his adventuresome side, too!

Having essentially created a new musical genre, what does it feel like?

It’s pretty awesome. At first, I was a major part of that, but I’m not solely to blame. At first, I was a major part of that, but I’m not solely responsible. Listening to other saxophonists like Grover Washington Jr. and his style and jazz greats like Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins influenced my style.

I am taking and digesting everything I love when I make my sound. My music seems to be a fusion of those two things.

Very few instrumentalists have achieved your level of success. What are your secrets?

Part of it is intangible, I think. Think about Mick Jagger, for instance. Mick Jagger isn’t as popular as me, but something about the way he sings and just something about him draws people.

My explanation is that it’s a lot of hard work and constant touring. I perform 50 to 70 shows per year. To be the best musician I can be, I practice every day, three hours a day.

Kenny G plays what instrument?

He plays the soprano saxophone.

In Chinese culture, Kenny G’s 1989 hit “Going Home” has become a cue for people to rush since its release, according to The New York Times.

Kenny G began playing the saxophone at the age of 11?

He began playing an alto saxophone, a Buffet Crampon, in 1966, at the age of 10. Before attending the University of Washington, he attended Whitworth Elementary School. When he was 17, and still in high school, he began playing with Barry White and his band.

How does Kenny G use his mouthpiece?

A metal mouthpiece produced a loud, cutting sound on the soprano, the Dukoff D8. However, the Beechler Diamond S5S is a stern rubber voice that creates a different sound from a metal mouthpiece for alto sax.

Where did Kenny G get the idea for smooth jazz?

Kenny G is credited with the beginning of smooth jazz. However, this genre of music did not exist before he entered the music scene. Others coined the term, not he – and he was playing his music on purpose. It went on to become a vast genre, though.

How long is the longest note ever played on a saxophone?

The longest note ever played on a saxophone was played by Kenny G in 1997, which earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. An F-flat was played by Kenny G using circular breathing at J&R Music World in New York for 45 minutes and 47 seconds.


Kenny G’s mastery of Selmer Mark VI alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones is just one of the significant aspects of this artist. We hope you gain inspiration from one of the most excellent jazz musicians of all time. We all live only once, and we all need music for that!

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