Who is Selena Green Vargas and What Happened to Her?

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The story that made Selena Vargas famous on the internet is as mysterious as she is.
Even young kids could become famous back then, unlike today with Instagram and TikTok.
So in 2015, the story of the adult film actress became widely known online. You may be interested to know – Who is Selena Green Vargas and What Happened to Her?

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Selena Vargas is an adult star born on July 19, 1990, in Bellflower, California. She has amassed over 14 million views on the biggest video sites.

Her whereabouts are a mystery as she disappeared from the internet after her story went viral.

A private Instagram account under Selena Green Vargas’ name with a bio says, “ Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect.”

Some reports claim she continues with her career as she has profiles with her name and quite some videos on adult websites. She could still be continuing with her job.

Some reports suggest that a photo of them went viral on 4Chan before she could ever get away with it. According to some reports, Selena’s boyfriend did not know she was an adult film actress. However, other reports claim he knew she was an adults film actress. As a result, many people are now wondering where Selena went.

selena vargas new baltimore mi

As more people began to read about the story, its popularity grew. People were spreading the story, saying that the guy was the victim of her girlfriend’s lies. Others, however, claim that Selena’s boyfriend was fully aware of her career. Finally, some claim that the entire incident was merely an internet fabrication.

After the 4Chan incident, what happened to Selena Vargas?

There was a picture of a guy (allegedly) in a U.S. military base posted on the internet a while back. On 4Chan, he is wearing a military uniform next to his girlfriend. He had just finished his training to become an American citizen. The other users were asked to rate the Navy Seal and his girlfriend. As you might expect, there were the usual incel comments from your average 4chan user, as well as comments stating that the girl in the photo was a star of adult films.

It snowballed from there, with the guy appearing in the photo becoming a victim of his girlfriend’s lies. There were rumors about what happened between them, but no one got to the bottom of the truth behind the photos. Some rumors implied that he was aware of Selena’s career in adult films, while others said it was just a plot to gain internet points.

selena vargas boyfriend

Her 4Chan post blew up the internet when she was an adult film actress.

The 4Chan expose did not make Selena a new adult star. On the contrary, according to some reports, she has some videos and some profiles on adult websites that show her name, so she continues with her career.

It is still possible that if she is legitimate, she will continue to work. Moreover, based on comments on said sites, her fans wonder where she is and when she will resurface.

You can follow Selena Vargas YouTube channel. More than 2.62M subscribers right now. That’s really amazing. 

Here are some interesting facts about Serena Vargas

Serena, the girl in focus, is less-known for the following reasons.

  • She weighs approximately 120 pounds and has an estimated height of 5 feet 6 inches.
  • Based on her height and weight, her BMI score is 19.4 m/kg*2.
  • The native of the United States resides in New York at the moment.
  • In addition to her beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair, she has a charming personality.
  • White people make up the American model.
  • From our brief research, we found her on Twitter as @selenagvargas. “The girl everyone’s talking about,” it says in her Twitter bio section.

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