Priyanka’s comeback film was shelved because of Alia’s?

Priyanka's comeback film was shelved because of Alia

Farhan was supposed to start shooting Jee le Zara in September. Still, due to Ranbir and Alia’s careless behavior, Aloo became pregnant before marriage. The film was delayed, so she delivered her baby and returned, but now she’s chasing Rajamouli’s film with Mahesh. In response to Farhan’s request for three months, Priyanka Kat and Aloo moved on to different projects, and Aloo’s unprofessional and selfish behavior shelved the film. Now Farhan will begin working on Don 3. The poor Priyanka Aloo doesn’t know how to cope with her comeback.

Priyanka's comeback film was shelved because of Alia
Priyanka's comeback film was shelved because of Alia

She gives a promising update about her film with Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra.

When Jee Le Zaraa was announced last year, social media exploded with excitement. An all-girls road trip movie starring Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, and Alia Bhatt was finally coming to Bollywood. There was, however, a delay in the production of the film. Despite speculation that Alia’s pregnancy caused the delay, the makers have not addressed the claims. Furthermore, there were rumors that the movie might not be made.

Alia has clarified, however, that such claims are untrue and that the film will begin production next year. During a recent media interview, Alia said, “It’s happening!” The production will begin next year. This year, we can’t go on the floor (indicating her pregnancy). That film isn’t going anywhere. This is something we are all passionate about, and we are fighting for it.

We are looking forward to a massive event and can’t wait.”

Also taken to Instagram were Priyanka’s costars.

She wrote, “Combine that with a great script, an awesome director, and a road trip and the sky’s the limit.”.

Alia’s Instagram post stated, “50 Zoom calls later. Countless laughs later. With hearts full of love and excitement.”

The public has criticized Priyanka since her career began almost two decades ago.

During a BeautyCon panel in 2019, she questioned her “hypocritical” views on Kashmir.

As air strikes were launched from India toward Pakistan, she sent out a controversial tweet.

It has been reported that Bhansali had initially intended to make the film with Rani Mukerji as the lead actress. She worked with Bhansali on ‘Black’ and had a cameo in ‘Sawariyaan.’ Ultimately, Bhansali approached Priyanka, who was trying to establish her career in Hollywood at the time. However, it seems the film with Rani did not materialize. 

He had announced ‘Inshallah’ with Alia and Salman Khan in 2019- but the project got shelved at some point, and Bhansali decided to block Alia from working on ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi.’ The rest is history. 

There are currently no plans for the film to be released in theaters before July 30. The plot revolves around a young girl who is forced into prostitution and how she eventually becomes one of Mumbai’s most dreaded mafia queens due to her prostitution.

I want to return to Priyanka’s announcement that she will be starring in the biopic of Ma Anand Sheela, a film directed by Barry Levinson that is set to be released later this year.
We’re looking forward to PeeCee’s announcement that a script is being developed for a film adaptation of a documentary about the Rajneesh cult published in 2018. I’m producing it with Rain Man director Barry Levinson.”

The Sky Is Pink, Shonali Bose’s Bollywood comeback project co-starring Farhan Akhtar, is set to release on October 11.

It was Alia’s pleasure to collaborate with Salman and SLB.”

It was reported that Alia was approached for an upcoming Aamir Khan film based on Bhagwan Rajneesh’s biography. However, she had to drop the project since she had already booked her dates for Inshallah.” Alia was looking forward to collaborating with Salman and SLB. Due to the fact that she had already given up on various projects during this time, she is very upset,” a source shared.

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