What happened to Mariah Carey’s wardrobe malfunction?

Mariah Carey's wardrobe malfunction

When Mariah Carey wears a sheer mini dress, she accidentally flashes her nipples.

The semi-sheer mini dress Mariah Carey wore last night revealed more than she expected.
When the cameras flashed, the 46-year-old singer exposed her nipples because of the slightly transparent fabric beneath her low-cut dress.

Mariah Carey's wardrobe malfunction
Mariah Carey's wardrobe malfunction

After a (minor) wardrobe malfunction on the GMA outdoor stage at Rumsey Playfield in New York City, the pop star cursed on live television before bringing out Miguel to perform.
During her conversation with host Lara Spencer, the 43-year-old singer commented on her sparkling Donatella Versace dress, revealing that its back had split entirely. I just popped the back of my dress!” Carey said nervously. Before cutting to commercials, Spencer held Carey’s right strap up.

On Thursday night, Carey was photographed leaving Philippe Chow restaurant wearing a cleavage-baring, bedazzled short dress, pointed heels, and diamond necklace.
Sify reports that Carey chose to skip underwear, allowing her private parts to be visible under the tan fishnet stockings, which have taken over the internet.
The photos of Carey’s wardrobe malfunction flooded the internet after she didn’t realize her wardrobe malfunction and even smiled at the paparazzi.

Mariah Carey wears a sheer mini dress
Mariah Carey wears a sheer mini dress

A detailed account of Mariah Carey’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction

The celebrated singer, songwriter, and actress, Mariah Carey, who has encountered numerous wardrobe malfunctions in the recent past, yet again landed in a similar situation when she was hanging out with her partner Bryan Tanaka on a date night last week. On St. Patrick’s Day, Mariah Carey, Bryan Tanaka, and her children Monroe and Moroccan celebrated with Bryan Tanaka.

She wore a tight green dress highlighted by a plunging diamond neckline to mark her fashion statement, but that was not enough to conceal her modesty at some point, especially during Bryan Tanaka’s escort. 

Although Carey handled her dress malfunction very quickly, she got stuck with another malfunction later in her date. Carey, however, focused more on her date than these little incidents. Mariah Carey and Bryan have been rumored to be split for some time, but St. Patrick’s Day celebrations would undoubtedly put those rumors to rest.

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