Does South Indian cinema receive less criticism than Bollywood cinema?

South Indian cinema receive less criticism than Bollywood cinema

I’ve been pondering the never-ending argument between Bollywood and the south Indian film industry recently, which is rife with divergent viewpoints.

The South Cinema’s most recent films have received a lot of praise. From R.R.R. to K.G.F. to Pushpa, the content they produced had enormous box office figures and was beloved by the janta. However, compared to Bollywood films like Gangubai Kathiawadi, Darlings, and Badhai Do, only a tiny percentage of viewers enjoyed them.

South Indian cinema receive less criticism than Bollywood cinema
South Indian cinema receive less criticism than Bollywood cinema

There are issues in every entertainment industry that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, the audience’s continued abuse worsens Bollywood’s situation. The question is why Bollywood movies receive more content criticism than South movies. Why?

The worst Bollywood movies are often compared to the best south movies, leading people to believe South has the best content.

This makes Bollywood even more important-or and tragic, depending on your perspective, than ever before. Exposure is all it takes. As South Indian and other regional films gain more exposure in the north, more complaints will emerge.

South Indian cinema also has a compelling narrative, in my opinion. Actors and actresses capable of playing any role should be employed. The Bollywood industry is currently lacking many things, and I’m sorry to say. The plot won’t be compelling if certain actors play those roles. Moreover, I don’t think any actress has much potential in acting. A couple of songs are sung, some romance is shared, and then they leave (no significance to the plot). Please accept my apologies.

It is impossible to dispute the superiority of stories produced in the South over those produced in Bollywood. Regarding cinematography and music, the South has come a long way since the gimmicky comic material it once relied on. Nevertheless, it probably still exists, albeit less frequently. Seeing how unafraid the South is to act and display some of life’s ugliest aspects is reassuring.

Hindi films are subject to a high entertainment tax.

The high entertainment tax on Hindi movies also contributes to high ticket prices. According to the report, almost all states, except for Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Rajasthan, have entertainment taxes ranging from 15-60%. The entertainment tax rate for Hindi films in Mumbai, the center of Bollywood, is 45%. A whopping 60% tax has been imposed on Hindi films in Uttar Pradesh. 

Films in regional languages are taxed less. For example, Kannada films are tax-free in Karnataka, while Tamil films are tax-free in Tamil Nadu. On the other hand, Telugu films are taxed at 15% in Andhra Pradesh.

Bollywood’s content is poor.

Last but not least, the quality of films produced by the Hindi industry has not resonated well with viewers and critics. Since January 2021, 43 Hindi movies have received an average rating of 5.9 on IMDB, while 17 Hindi-dubbed South movies have received an average rating of 7.3. 

In general, a good movie will be rated as ‘GOOD’ and have ‘GOOD’ box office collections (exceptions exist). 43 Hindi movies have been rated, on average, just 5.9 out of 7.3 since Jan 2021. But, according to the report, an extra point on IMDB leads to an increase in collections of Rs 17 crore. 

Films from the southern Indian subcontinent save the day.

High-octane, action-oriented films from the South of the country have outperformed amid this turbulence, such as R.R.R., K.G.F.: Chapter 2, and Pushpa. It has traditionally been the case that films made in the South have done well in their regions. However, their Hindi-dubbed versions consistently outperform their Bollywood counterparts in the Hindi heartland.

Experts say the quintessential Hindi film churned out by Mumbai studios lacks the unique syntax of South blockbusters, such as large sets, catchy songs, and slow-motion sequences.

“I want the rollercoaster experience if I’m going to the movie theater,” Sucharita Tyagi, a film critic, says of the southern Indian film’s growing popularity in India. But unfortunately, as people discovered these non-Hindi, south Indian films during the pandemic, they ran out of Hindi films after a while when they were flipping through streaming platforms at home.

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  • Bollywood versus South.
  • As even filmmaker Karan Johar acknowledged, Hindi movies do not do as well as Telugu films regarding box office revenue.
  • There was a lifetime collection of Rs 195.44 crore for ‘Sooryavanshi.’
  • Upon reopening in theatres, Tom Holland’s superhero flick tops Bollywood’s most significant release.
  • As of Monday, the film has amassed 179.31 crores domestically, rapidly approaching 200 crores.
  • According to director Manish Shah, ‘Spider-Man’ is a franchise that people have grown up watching.

Where did Bollywood go wrong?

It might be monsoon season in India, but it’s flop season in Bollywood. After a string of flops, including Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, Bunty Aur Babli 2, Jayeshbhai Jordaar, and Samrat Prithviraj, Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera became the fifth Yash Raj Films film to the tank. Y.R.F. is not the only big-budget movie that failed to engage audiences; Bachchhan Pandey, Heropanti 2, and Runway 34 shared the same fate. A pandemic only exacerbated the deterioration of Bollywood’s sheen in the past few years.

It has been a long time since Hindi films became urbane and elitist. Instead, they tell the same stories down south in a way that the commoner can understand and enjoy. In Nagpur, Akshaye Rathi is the Director of Aashirwad Theatres, a film exhibition, and distribution company. “We need to learn from them how not to alienate anyone,” he says.

Bollywood stars haven’t well targeted south Indian markets, he claims.

In Tamil and Telugu, big studios like Yash Raj Films, dubbed Dhoom, Tiger Zinda Hai, etc… Sanjay Mehta, proprietor of Bobby Enterprises and distributor of the Delhi, UP, and east Punjab circuit, explains what went wrong in the Hindi film industry.

South Indian movies are better than Bollywood movies?

Definitely yes. There are several reasons why South Indian cinema is better than Bollywood. First, there have been so many advancements in the south Indian cinema industry in the past 5-6 years in terms of VFX, technology, the quality of the script, etc. As a result, south Indian cinema is on fire right now.

What is the size of the South film industry compared to Bollywood?

In 2019, Bollywood’s share of domestic box-office revenues was higher than South Indian films. There were Rs 5,200 crores for Bollywood films and Rs 4,000 crores for South Indian films. The Hollywood share stood at Rs 1,500 crore.

Does Bollywood’s popularity seem to be waning?

Despite the release of Sooryavanshi, the first Bollywood film after the COVID-19 lockdown, the following movies failed to capture the public’s attention. As a result, there is no longer a demand for Bollywood content among moviegoers.

What is the reason for the success of South Indian movies?

The production quality of South Indian cinema is the most critical aspect of its success. In Indian cinema today, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam films boast the most ambitious set pieces, the most thrilling action sequences, and the most breathtaking cinematography and sound. The audience appreciates this.

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