Why Did “Community” Get Rid Of Pierce? The departure of Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase portrays Pierce Hawthorne, the eldest member of the study group since the show premiered in 2009. According to the character, he held old-fashioned views and used offensive remarks. He left the show ahead of season 5 due to his insensitive remarks. During the filming of Community season 4, episode 6, “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking,” Chase became angry with the story’s direction and used a racial slur. Chase and N.B.C. decided that the actor should leave Community based on the cast and crew’s response. Chase has been accused of being difficult to work with in the past by colleagues. He finished a few scenes before leaving; however, that appeared during the rest of season 4 and the premiere of season 5.

Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase was mainly known for his portrayal of Pierce Hawthorne in “Community,” despite having a long, successful acting career before joining the show. 

“Community” highlights

In 2009, N.B.C. aired the pilot episode of ” Community,” and the show lasted for five seasons. 

The prominent cast members are Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Chevy Chase, Alison Brie, and Joel McHale. 

It was created by Dan Harmon, who channelled his college experiences into the episodes mentioned above. 

Over six years, “Community” gained quite a following due to its unique structure and specific type of humour. 

There are 13 episodes in “Community’s” 6th and final season. Filming wrapped up in 2015. 

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Chevy Chase plays the role of Pierce Hawthorne in “Community.”

A character named Pierce Hawthorne was introduced in the series’ pilot episode and featured in over 70 episodes. 

Chevy Chase excels at pulling all the stereotypical lines through comedy despite his sexist, obnoxious comments throughout the series. 

As a result of Pierce’s personality and awkward social skills, he was often ridiculed, leaving him with very few true friends. 

Over the show’s four seasons, he struggled to graduate college, finally gaining the necessary credits at the end of season 4. 

Chevy Chase’s On-Set Issues Explained: Why He Left Community

As a result of Chase’s tendency to leave set early before his scenes were completed, he and Harmon had a rocky working relationship. Before Harmon’s departure, Chase refused to do a crucial scene during Community’s season 3 episode “Digital Estate Planning.” Fans will recall that the attack transformed the cast into 8-bit video game characters. Chase refused to do a touching scene between Pierce and Abed about Pierce’s father, believing it wasn’t funny and walked off set. The group was being taken down on the last day of shooting, so this was the only opportunity to film the scene. In addition to being upset about the location being scrapped, Harmon also disliked Chase’s response. During Community’s wrap party, Harmon made a speech calling out Chase, which didn’t sit well with the actor. Chase left a very heated voicemail to Harmon as a result. During the taping of his comedy event, the showrunner played in front of a live audience (leaked online).


“Pierce” Hawthorne (portrayed by Chevy Chase) was a former moist towelette tycoon and the C.E.O. of “Hawthorne Wipes.” His father, Cornelius Hawthorne, founded the company, which allowed Pierce a lavish lifestyle. With seven marriages and over thirty stepchildren, he lived it up in his younger years. Later in life, he became lonely and unhappy. During the Vietnam War, he moved to Canada, became a Toastmaster, performed magic, and played the piano to cure his malaise. His interest in expanding his horizons led him to enrol at Greendale Community College in 1999. Graduating in 2013 was the culmination of a decade-long stay at the university. Despite some rocky moments, his longest-lasting friendships were formed in a Spanish study group he joined at school. They helped him cope with the death of his parents, the discovery that his father’s assistant Gilbert Lawson was his half-brother, and the firing of Hawthorne Wipes C.E.O. In this period, he became an entrepreneur and invested in various businesses. He co-owned Shirley Bennet’s sandwich shop with fellow study group member Shirley Bennet. Pierce passed away in the weeks following his graduation from school and that of his study group. In the last year of his life, he built a museum on the Greendale campus dedicated to gender sensitivity and sexual potency. A special complementary gift was also left behind in his will for his friends in the study group. 

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