Do you agree that Bramhastra is creating hype for no reason and isn’t that great in theatres?

Bramhastra is creating hype for no reason and isn't that great in theatres

I read on social media daily about how Bramhastra made millions and had a huge box office haul, but when I went to see it in the theatre, I didn’t find it all that thrilling, and neither did the audience.


Bramhastra is creating hype for no reason and isn't that great in theatres
Bramhastra is creating hype for no reason and isn't that great in theatres

What is happening?

Based on my personal opinion, I don’t expect the film to do well. The story is good, but the execution is lacking. In addition, the film’s casting is downright awful, and it looks like siblings are trying to spice up a tedious project. Even though the film is intended for children, it is marketed as a love story. Do you think it makes sense??

Moreover, the film’s budget is incredibly ambitious, making it extremely challenging to meet. Much hype was surrounding LSC as well, and it was discussed everywhere. As a result, I believe Brahmastra will follow suit.

There is beef grief for Ranbir Kapoor, but why boycott Brahmastra?

Ranbir Kapoor’s problems seem to have no end. Shamshera, his first film in four years, which his director thinks is a much-misunderstood masterpiece of a motion-picture experience (he thinks the same of Dobaara, haha), disappeared into the sands of time, leaving behind only tears from those who lost money.

Ranbir puts food into his mouth every time he opens it. Of course, I’m talking about food. Ranbir can be kept quiet by feeding him. In the making of Saawariya, I had dinner with Sanjay Bhansali, Sonam Kapoor, and Ranbir at a high-end restaurant. The choice of what to order was left up to Ranbir, who ordered enough food for an army for a week at the suggestion of my friend Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Then Ranbir took over the eating, and I thought I was in charge.

This new beef-boycott-Brahmastra hashtag reminded me of an interview I saw with actor/food critic Kunal Vijayakar ten years ago, where he ate another feast on camera after having consumed a full meal before the show.
During a conversation between slurpy bites and juicy morsels (I wish Ranbir had followed his mother’s advice not to talk with his mouth full), Ranbir says he loves beef!

Then, I guess one could love any food without thinking twice about its consequences. While I am all for food freedom, I find it highly distasteful that anyone would relish or even talk about eating beef. I become tense whenever a meal is shown in a Malayalam film.

The Malayalam language speaks of beef and rice meals, similar to chawal and daal. Kerala has a unique culinary culture, I understand. However, Kerala is part of India, where most people worship cows.

Despite my love for Malayalam cinema, I don’t understand this culinary separatism. There is a sacred connection between the nation and the cow, Yaar. It is impossible to die from deprivation if you do not eat one kind of meat.

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