How did Eminem and Chris Kirkpatrick get along? Update 2023

Eminem and Chris Kirkpatrick

Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, is fond of dissing other celebrities in his songs. It was not surprising to hear him mention Chris Kirkpatrick in “Without Me” in 2002.
Here’s why Eminem predicted Chris would get an ass-whooping and how he responded.
According to Kirkpatrick on Thursday’s Total Request Live, the only member of the boy band to respond to his last album’s attack on the group was Kirkpatrick.
Em answered sarcastically when asked why he attacked Moby in the song and video, “I like Moby, but no one else does.”. Moby’s declaration came in reaction to his comments following the 2001 GRAMMY Awards. He called the rapper “very clever, but he’s also a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, and an anti-Semite.”

Eminem and Chris Kirkpatrick
Eminem and Chris Kirkpatrick

Aside from Kirkpatrick and Moby (both of whom are doing yoga in the clip), Eminem appears as Osama bin Laden, and Dr. Dre also appears in the video.

Eminem (who has dispensed more than his fair share of diss to celebrities) says in the song: “I bring my tit for tat with any person who talks BS, Chris Kirkpatrick, and you can get your– kicked.” Chris Kirkpatrick explained to Rolling Stone that on the day it was released, he was in Florida with the rest of the NSYNC band members when he heard about the song. Getting in the mood for his new song, “Yo, have you heard Eminem’s new song?” he asks. Then they are like, ‘No, you! No! ‘ And then they say, ‘you!’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?”” I asked. Could you possibly be referring to Chris Kirkpatrick? Can you think of anything that rhymes with Chris Kirkpatrick? My response was a resounding “Yeah.”. That’s a good idea.

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What did it mean for you to become an Eminem lyricist?

Suppose you made it or had a beef with someone you looked up to, and now that thing has been resolved, you’re wondering what happened? My first reaction when I heard this song was that I was freaked out, but then after that, I thought it was awesome since it is one of my favorites, and then I was shocked to see my name on it. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve done something right or wrong; the outcome is the same.

When you first saw that, how did you feel?

After seeing a show in Miami, we returned from Orlando, and I began receiving text messages. Have you heard the new Eminem song yet? Everyone at the party asked. “Oh no,” they said, “he makes fun of you in it; he rhymes with everything.” So I said, “Of course, he does that a lot.” They were like, “Who do you mean by me?” I replied, “Chris Kirkpatrick.”. What the hell does that rhyme with? 

Do Slim Shady, Eminem, and Marshall Mathers exist?

It is also known as the Real Slim Shady, one of the many names and characters created by Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name, Eminem.

In many of his songs, the 49-year-old rapper and songwriter deal with poverty, addiction, and family issues due to his upbringing.

1996 saw him release a debut album called “Infinite,” which topped the charts for several weeks.

Following the release of “The Slim Shady LP” and “The Marshall Mathers LP,” The Eminem Show is Eminem’s third studio album.

Marshall filmed a movie called “8 Miles” about his early struggles as a child and how he got started in acting.

Eminem returns after a three-year break with Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Albums such as “Encore” from 2004 and “The Slim Shady LP” from 1999 are his best-selling albums.

Marshall’s songs have been viewed over 1 B billion times on YouTube over the past two decades, such as “Without Me,” “Rap God,” and “Not Afraid.” “Love the Way You Lie” has 2.3 B views!

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