Does Jimmy Kimmel Wear a Toupee?

Does Jimmy Kimmel Wear a Toupee

TV host, comedian, writer, and producer James Christian Kimmel is well known in the United States. Kimmel was born and raised in Brooklyn. A late-night talk show entitled “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” debuted on ABC on January 26, 2003. Kimmel is also the host and executive producer of the show. He was named one of Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Influential People in the World” in 2018. 

Among the top late-night television shows is “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan are other notable names in the industry. A live audience makes Kimmel’s show even more entertaining, with celebrities ranging from actors/actresses to singers and stars in every profession visiting the show and leaving with high ratings.

Several false rumors have been spread against various celebrities wearing hairpieces and wigs throughout the years. Although they are sometimes true, they are not common. However, dishes are well known to the media and tabloids for causing a media fire.

Several accusations have been made about Jimmy Kimmel wearing a toupee on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. What do you think? Or is it just another attempt to defame another celebrity by the tabloids?

Does Jimmy Kimmel Wear a Toupee

The Kimmel-Leno feud

Jay Leno criticized Kimmel’s hair in 2012 during his Tonight Show appearance. In-jokes, Jimmy joked about coloring his hair and wearing wigs. Leno made a witty statement against Jimmy on his late-night show, which prompted Jimmy to respond. However, his spokesperson denied the rumors and said he does not wear a wig or dye his hair.

Last week, Leno made fun of his fur by joking that it was all made out of celebrity toupees. It seems harmless. Suppose he had decided to turn his attention to others rather than himself. In return, Jimmy Kimmel pulled a prank on him, suggesting that he had a wig and dyed his hair.

Kimmel mocked Leno’s comments about Kimmel dyeing his hair on his live show. As if Leno felt threatened enough to make the joke out of the blue, he seemed amused. He added sarcastically that I made an appearance in his monologue this time and that he has always come up with great material. His Leno show even aired the clip.

Finally, what do we think?

Jimmy claims not to wear a toupee, at least by word of mouth, which came directly from Jimmy himself. A simple hairpiece can cause significant damage to the world of stardom, which is a very fragile environment. Nevertheless, Jimmy Kimmel Live! will always be our favorite.

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