Who is Paul Rudd’s Wife Julie Yaeger?

Paul Rudd's Wife Julie Yaeger

Initially a publicist, Yaeger became a producer and screenwriter after switching roles in the 1990s. Fun Mom Dinner, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017, was Yaeger and Rudd’s collaboration. In addition to writing the screenplay, Yaeger’s husband served as executive producer and appeared in the film.
Since Paul Rudd is loveable, hating him is complicated. It seems that he never gets old, is talented, and is funny. Simple is another characteristic of him.

Paul Rudd's Wife Julie Yaeger
Paul Rudd's Wife Julie Yaeger

In addition to being admirable, Julie Yaeger is one of his biggest supporters.
Since Rudd keeps his private life secret, some people may be surprised to find out that he is married. It all started in 1995 when they fell in love.
According to their recent appearances, they intend to keep their match a secret.
They have been married since 2003. In addition to Darby Rudd, they have a son named Jack Sullivan Rudd. Although she usually works behind the scenes, Yaeger is also involved in the entertainment industry.

Who is Julie Yeager?

Besides being a producer, she is also a screenwriter and a former publicist.

As a digital media coordinator, she has worked on films such as Niagra Niagra, Mr. Jealousy, and Men in Black.

Besides writing scripts for Alethe’s film Fun Mom Dinner, she has also written screenplays for other films. So what was their meeting like?

Julie Yaeger Personal Life

Besides writing, Yaeger enjoys traveling, reading, and doing charity work. Several charity organizations are associated with Yaeger, including Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY), which Rudd himself manages.

Paul and Julie like to keep their children out of the spotlight and like to remain private. So social media isn’t much of a priority for her. However, when her husband attends red carpet premieres, Yaeger accompanies him.

When Paul Rudd received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his role in Ant-Man on July 1, 2015, Julie Yaeger and Paul Rudd were seen with their children outside for the first time.

Almost two decades have passed since they got married.

In 2003, they married in a private ceremony, and they have since welcomed two children. After the birth of their son Jack Sullivan in 2006, their daughter Darby followed in 2010.

The family posed for a sweet photo during Rudd’s star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015. But, despite their dad’s fame, the actor’s children are not impressed by it, as he told Marie Claire UK.

I’m still the embarrassing dad, he said. “My eight-year-old daughter thinks I’m the best. My 13-year-old son doesn’t even want me at his school. So I make jokes to a chorus of eye rolls.”


People magazine quoted Paul as saying, “She was stupefied.”. However, she was charming about it. Her response was something charming after some giggling and shock. I’m sure she wasn’t telling the truth, but what other option would she have?”

As a result of receiving this honor, what was his reaction? First, the couple talked about how much they loved each other and their children.

Julie Yaeger and Paul Rudd have a blended family. What has Paul Rudd said about their relationship?

After many years of marriage, Rudd and Yaeger are still happy together. Both seem to be doing well by all accounts. In 2011, Rudd told Elle that he and Yaeger are ” normal ” couples. Parade reported Rudd as saying, “I don’t think I’m going to sell many tabloids.” It has been 16 years since my wife and I got married. I grew up with my parents married until my father passed away a few years ago.” 

Rudd doesn’t consider himself a Hollywood star in any way. Instead, Rudd said in 2021, “I think of myself as a husband and a father when I think of myself.”.

In my free time, I hang out with my family. That’s what I enjoy the most.”

Julie Yaeger Is a Producer and Screenwriter

The 1990s and 2000s were Yaeger’s years as a publicist. In addition to being a mom, she is also a screenwriter. According to IMDB, she wrote a movie that her adorable husband appeared in, Fun Mom Dinner, starring Molly Shannon, Toni Collette, Katie Aselton, Bridget Everett, and Adam Scott. A film about four women who think they have nothing in common except being moms to friends’ kids. Their night of shenanigans ends up bonding them. The movie features a memorable cameo from Rudd.

Yaeger’s friendships inspired the premise of the movie. According to Vulture, she was worried she wouldn’t find good mom friends when she came up with the idea.

The result was that I found a wonderful group of mom friends, and I was blown away by how much these women enhanced my life. She says she wanted the marriages in her film to be realistic and that even in the healthiest of relationships, people can miss connections because they are so focused on raising their children.

By keeping their lives private, they can make things work.

Being married to an actor can be challenging, but it’s apparent that the two keep their marriage happy by remaining private. In an interview with “People,” he said, “I don’t think I’m going to sell a lot of tabloids.” I have been married for 16 years. My parents were married until my father passed away a few years ago.

Are there any children in the Rudd family?

The couple married in 2003 after dating for several years.

Together, the couple has two children, Jack and Darby, born in 2004 and 2009.

Their home, Rhinebeck, New York, is largely hidden from the public eye.

The whole family appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when Paul was awarded a star. In addition, Julie frequently accompanies Paul on red carpets.

As a father of young children, the Marvel star discussed the difficulty of keeping Avengers spoilers from them.

When the third installment of the Ant-Man film series is released in 2023, the couple will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Regarding winning at life, Julie Yaeger is an impeccable all-rounder and a wonderful woman. Yeager and Rudd make a beautiful couple, and they have always been supportive of one another. Hopefully, we’ll see this couple on screen soon!

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