Michael B. Jordan’s Wife? Is He Married?

Michael B. Jordan's Wife

Michael B. Jordan has been one of the most popular actors in the past few decades.
It wasn’t just his talent that made him successful in Hollywood – it was also his looks that made him successful.
This handsome actor has likely broken many hearts throughout his life, but he has always kept his relationships private.
Michael has worked with many high-profile names in the industry, including Brie Larson, Kiki Layne, and Iggy.
Does he finally have a significant other? I look forward to finding out with you.

Michael B. Jordan's Wife

Quick Facts About Michael B. Jordan

  • Michael B. Jordan has been linked to several high-profile names in the entertainment industry.
  • It’s unlikely that the actor will get married soon since he hasn’t met that special someone.
  • In June 2022, Michael B. Jordan and Iggy Azalea split up after dating for almost two years.
  • Nothing more is known about the relationship between Kiki Layne and Cindy Bruna.
  • A few of his most famous roles include those in The Godfather: Part II and The Matrix.

Is Michael B. Jordan married?

He hasn’t yet found the right person to settle down with, so he won’t settle down anytime soon.

For quite some time, Michael B. Jordan dated Lori Harvey, the daughter of legendary TV host Steve Harvey.

After nearly two years of dating, these two parted ways a couple of months ago, on June 22, 2022.

Despite their nine-year age gap, they seemed to have great chemistry and never seemed bothered by it.

Between them, there was a lot of outgoingness and openness. Everyone was shocked to learn of their breakup, as everything seemed to be going well.

Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan’s girlfriend, is everything you need to know.

Despite being single, the actor has now found a partner. In January, the actor, 33, and model Lori Harvey, 24, became Instagram official about two months after they were first seen together. He posted grainy photos of the pair looking into each other’s eyes on Instagram. As part of Jordan’s post, Harvey and photographer Leo Volcy was tagged.

One of the polaroids shows Jordan kissing Harvey on the cheek, and the other shows the couple standing in front of a Christmas tree. In the caption, she added a single brown heart.

In November, Jordan’s relationship with her was rumored.

Instagram’s official status took the couple a long time to decide. Jordan and Harvey were first seen together just before Thanksgiving. TMZ captured their arrival at Atlanta airport and departure from it. As part of its New Year’s Eve coverage, the Sun obtained photos of Harvey and Jordan’s arrival in Salt Lake City. Both posted photos and videos of their snowboarding trip on Instagram without tagging or mentioning each other.

Keeping their romance private was essential to them.

Is there a reason Harvey and Jordan did not post about each other on Instagram for months? “It seems they wanted to get to know each other privately,” a source told People. Harvey’s previous relationships may have influenced their decision to avoid being photographed together. According to the source, she quickly posted pictures of her boyfriends on social media. “When it comes to Michael, she has taken a different approach.”

It’s not the first time she’s been linked to a high-profile celebrity.

Celebrities have dated before, and Harvey isn’t the only one. According to Us Weekly, Trey Songz and Justin Combs’ son, Sean “Diddy” Combs, were previously linked to her. In the fall of 2019, Harvey was said to be with Future after parting ways with Future in August 2020. In addition, Steve announced on Instagram in June 2017 that she was engaged to Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay. According to reports, the couple separated in 2018.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan didn’t hide their love for one another during their relationship, but they ended things after less than two years.

In January 2021, the model confirmed her relationship with the Black Panther actor through tagged Instagram photos. At the time, a dark, grainy photo showed Harvey and the Friday Night Lights alum kissing. Next, she posted snaps of her boyfriend at the exact spot with an emoji heart caption.

At Atlanta and Salt Lake City airports, they were seen together in late 2020.

In spite of posting romantic and steamy photos together since becoming an official couple, Jordan and Harvey prefer to keep most of their personal lives private.

Lori Harvey

A photo of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey shared on Instagram in January 2021 shows them loving each other. Harvey then snapped a few Polaroids showing the pair kissing and hugging more clearly. 

According to a June 4, 2022 report from People, their relationship ended after a year and a half.

There is great sadness in both Michael’s and Lori’s hearts. According to the source, Michael matured greatly during their relationship and was ready to commit long-term. She was the first to open up to him emotionally in a romantic relationship. Their time together was great, and they brought out the best in each other.”

Cindy Bruna

According to rumors, Cindy Bruna met Michael B. Jordan at a Met Gala after party, as she is Victoria’s Secret model and the first model of color to walk for Calvin Klein.

There was a paparazzi sighting of them eating together at a famous New York restaurant in May 2019, but no action was taken. Instead, it may have just been a flirtatious meeting.

Kiki Layne

As part of the Tao nightclub pop-up in Park City, Utah, Kiki Layne was seen with Michael B. Jordan.

As the two were seen leaving together, but nothing was confirmed, their fling seemed short-lived.

Esha Vantha

An image of Jordan dancing with Esha Vantha was posted on Twitter in July 2018, dispelling rumors on social media that Jordan was dating Ashlyn Castro. 

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Lori have a relationship, but what is the status of their relationship?

An insider close to Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey has confirmed that the couple has split after a year and a half of dating. “Michael and Lori are both completely heartbroken,” the insider said.

Lori and Michael B. Jordan were together for how long?

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan did not hide their love during their relationship, but they ended it less than two years later. However, in January 2021, the model confirmed her relationship with Jordan through two tagged Instagram posts.

Are there any boyfriends or girlfriends for Lori Harvey?

Lori shared some loved-up pictures with Michael B. Jordan on Instagram early in January 2021, stating that she did not want to compromise her peace and happiness.

Can you tell me how much Michael B. Jordan is worth?

Michael B. Jordan, an American actor, has a net worth of $25 million.

Would you mind telling me what kind of car Michael B. Jordan drives?

A Car for Enthusiasts: Acura NSX

The Acura NSX is Michael B. Jordan’s favorite car. He has said several times that he loved it as a child. Jordan purchased the Acura NSX for $156,000 in 2019.

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