Who is Joe Gorga and what does he do for a living?

Who is Joe Gorga and what does he do for a living

Whether you like them or hate them, Melissa and Joe Gorga have become household names since appearing on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for more than 11 years.
Cancun, Mexico, was the first place they met. In an interview with Melissa, Joe revealed that he told his friends he would marry her the first time he saw her. They got married in 2004 after reconnecting in a beach club.Let,s discover with us – Who is Joe Gorga and what does he do for a living?

Who is Joe Gorga and what does he do for a living

Melissa joined the Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2011 as a permanent member after they welcomed three children. People wonder how they manage to fill their bank accounts when they live such an expensive lifestyle.
Joe is against his wife working and would prefer a traditional homemaker who appears as the breadwinner. He is often portrayed as a stay-at-home parent with few responsibilities, making people wonder what he does for a living.

Fans often wonder how this small screen couple pads their bank accounts with their lavish lifestyle. Joe is the breadwinner for this family because he’s not afraid to tell his boutique-owner wife that he prefers a more traditional housewife who isn’t so focused on work. On the show, Joe Gorga is often portrayed as a homebody who doesn’t have many obligations, making fans wonder if he works. Can you tell us how he earns his living?

Despite the drama, Gorga managed to find a niche in real estate.

Gorga’s main source of income these days is flipping homes for profit. Posting his flips on Instagram with a price tag often results in several hundred thousand dollars in profit. Besides that, he has also begun to offer courses related to succeeding in the flipping business, which will cost his students anywhere between $149 and $10,000 (via Distractify).

Even though flipping homes may sound like a successful venture for the Real Husband, the venture has had several setbacks. It has recently come to the attention of Page Six that Gorga’s followers discovered that he posted fake “before” and “after” pictures of houses on his Instagram account. To clarify the misunderstanding, Gorga explained that it resulted from an honest miscommunication. He has no idea what the real difference is between the two houses, but he has reportedly funded the renovations on the home in the after photo. Despite the snafu, Gorga continues to sell millions of dollars worth of real estate through his company and finds success in the industry. He may be able to teach you a few things.

His profession is the author.

In addition to being a businessman, he also writes books. He wrote a book called “The Gorga Guide to Success: Business, Marriage, and Life Lessons from a Real Estate Mogul.”

On various online stores, it costs $19.99. On his Instagram page, he wrote: “Exciting news! My book, The Gorga Guide to Success, comes out today… If you want to flip houses, know how to keep the spark alive in your marriage, or just learn what ‘keep two feet in one boot’ really means, you should get a copy.”

During a brief period, he worked as a restauranteur. 

Shortly after their mother’s death, Joe and his sister opened an Italian restaurant together. People magazine quoted Joe as saying, “My mother loved to cook. It was her drug.” Joe said, “Every time I signed the contract for this place, I lost my mom. So this is for her.” 

After falling out with their business partner, the family was forced to shut down Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza within a year. Lisa blamed “shady management” for the closure. 

“I can only speak mildly about it,” she told The Morning Breath in an interview. She added, “We have no idea how busy it will be. We had no idea it would be like this.” 

Real Estate

According to Celebrity Net Worth, if you were unaware, Joe Gorga has a net worth of $2 million. Melissa and his combined net worth is still a lot, but it is still a lot.

Joe Gorga makes the majority of his money from the sale of real estate. If you follow him on social media, he flips houses and makes good money.

Despite selling only two houses, Joe made 2 million in January 2020. Both houses were purchased for more than $700,000. One was bought for 1.1 million and the other for over 1.1 million.

Since 1991, Gorga has been involved in the real estate industry. Another RHONJ real estate guy, Jason Hoppy, has not written a book about his experiences.

Grow with Gorga, his real estate seminar, was a huge success. The tickets, which range from $149 to $299, sell out every time.

They own and lease several properties in addition to flipping houses and running a landscaping business. You can bet that Gorga has a stunning home at which he resides with his wife and three children as a real estate developer.

There are six bathrooms in this house and a billiards room, a movie theatre, a pool, a recording studio, and a hair salon. Joseph bought the house for $950,000. The couple spent an additional $1 million to buy a home in Toms River, New Jersey, in August 2019.

Debts are mounting for the couple.

Rumor has it that the couple is heavily in debt. Melissa initially denied selling their house to reduce their debts by stating that they had to relocate to California, but she later changed her story.

Almost everyone is baffled when I want to put my house on the market, but my kids are about to go off to high school – my daughter is just a year away from high school, and most of my kids are going to another town for high school. So, eventually, we would like to make our way toward that town.

How does Joe Gorga make a living? 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga rose to fame after appearing in season three. In the movie, he played the husband of the dynamic wife, Melissa, an American television personality and author.

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