What did Mikasa write on Eren’s grave?

Mikasa write on Eren's grave

My relationship with Eren is complicated, as most of my followers know. He’s not my guy. There’s something I don’t understand about him. He never appealed to me. I wanted to punch him in the face for most of this manga. In the past, my animosity toward him has barely been contained. On the other hand, Mikasa hasn’t caused me any problems in the past. One of my strengths is being able to love unconditionally, just as she does.
After rereading the chapter this afternoon, I sobbed as she buried Eren in an unnamed grave with the words, “Here forever, resting peacefully, my most beloved, my dear.”. There was no name written on the grave. No heroics are necessary. Her only love was for him. That was gorgeous, I thought.

Mikasa write on Eren's grave
Mikasa write on Eren's grave

In the unlikely event that someone I love does something unthinkable, I know I would handle it well. It wouldn’t be possible for me to turn my back on them. Regardless of what happens, I’ll still love them. It would be easy for me to separate the action from the person (I hate what they do, but not them).

Because I am a person who notices the little things so much and holds them so close to himself, I was moved to tears reading the chapter when she buried Eren in a nameless cemetery with only the words “Here forever, resting quietly, my most precious, my dearest.” There was no need to mention the name outside of the book. There was no need for anything spectacular. Her only statement was that she adored him. What a stunning display.

According to Isayama, Mikasa visited Eren’s grave four times in one chapter. Mikasa and Jean have four one-on-one conversations in the entire manga. We should stop with the Mikasa and Jean thing by now.

Mikasa Ackerman

Eren Yeager rescued Mikasa after her parents were killed by human traffickers and lived with him and his parents, Grisha and Carla before Wall Maria fell. In addition to holding significant political power in Hizuru, she is the last descendant of the Shogun clan that stayed on Paradis Island.

Despite her desire to lead a peaceful life, Mikasa entered the 104th Training Corps, where she is considered the best soldier. To follow and protect Eren, she enlists in the Survey Corps, becoming one of its most valuable members. A member of the Corps, she is currently serving as an officer.

The woman Mikasa is relatively tall and well-toned. With pale skin, gray eyes, and shaggy black hair that was long until she cut it to chin length, she has a partial Asian heritage. She wears noticeably longer bangs simultaneously as her hair is cut shorter and up to the back of her neck by 854. On the outside of her right wrist, she bears a tattoo of the Azumabito family crest. By 857, Mikasa’s hair had grown noticeably long and was tied in a ponytail due to an injury caused by Eren’s Titan during the Battle of Trost District.

Usually, Mikasa wears the original Survey Corps uniform with horizontal equipment on her hips and a white blouse underneath. In addition, she almost always wears a black scarf. During some missions, she wears a green cape with wings of freedom on the back.
Mikasa decorated Eren’s grave with what?
While civilization on Paradis advances, Mikasa continues to visit Eren’s grave with her new family. Eren’s scarf is buried with her when she passes away at a young age.

Eren’s feelings for Mikasa: what are they?

A few minutes before their final battle, Eren and Mikasa converse, and Eren admits that he has been in love with her for quite some time.

Mikasa, is Eren ever acknowledged by him?

Eren confesses his love for Mikasa to Armin in chapter 139, the last chapter of the Attack on Titan manga.

Is there a baby between Mikasa and Jean?

Attack on Titan’s volume 34 concludes with Mikasa living as a wife and mother. The woman is shown sitting with a man facing away from the readers at Eren’s grave. A small child seems to be between the couple, and the guy is none other than Jean.

How did Eren end his conversation with Mikasa?

I am free to take another breath if you want to stop me. You are all free.” Eren Yeager. His last words are those after which he remains silent until Mikasa decapitates him.

Is there a baby between Mikasa and Jean?

Attack on Titan volume 34 ends with Mikasa as a mother and wife. In the image, she sits at Eren’s grave with a man facing away from the reader. There is a small child between the couple, and the guy seems to be none other than Jean.

What is the meaning of the term “bird” used to describe Eren?

According to the ‘Bird Theory,’ Eren is reincarnated as a Parasitic Jaeger, a bird native to tundras in Europe, Asia, and North America. As well as frequently appearing throughout the anime and manga, the bird’s mannerisms resemble Eren’s self-motivated nature and desire for independence.

Mikasa kisses Jean, won’t he?

The main storyline of Attack on Titan does not feature Mikasa and Jean kissing, at least according to the original manga (whether that will change in the anime remains to be seen). Throughout the main plot, Mikasa was only captivated by Eren, and it was only after time had healed her wounds that she could move on and start a family.

They probably never kissed if Jean didn’t become her husband, but if he wasn’t Jean, then they likely kissed. 

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