Outer Banks Season 4: All We Know So Far Update 2023

Outer Banks Season 4

xciting news for fans of “Outer Banks”! 

Outer Banks is about to launch its third season on Netflix, which makes sense considering the show’s popularity on the streaming platform. Thus, fans are naturally excited and are constantly searching the internet for the latest information about the upcoming season.

However, this excitement also brings speculation regarding Outer Banks Season 4. Is there going to be another season, or will Season 3 end this series?

Let’s find out what Outer Banks 4 will be about.

Outer Banks Season 4
Outer Banks Season 4

Will there be a Season 4 of Outer Banks?

Netflix hasn’t officially announced Outer Banks Season 4, but we can expect more exciting plots in the upcoming seasons. Co-creator Jonas Pate told Entertainment Weekly that there might be more in store after Outer Banks Season 3.

We always saw the show as something like a four-season show, maybe even a five-season show, but four seasons,” Pate said.

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Outer Banks Season 4 Release Date

As a result, Netflix has decided to continue broadcasting the series on the Outer Banks for another year. Season 4 will be a massive success as viewers expect much more from the show than they did in Season 3. Furthermore, Netflix must continue broadcasting the series since it has shattered several streaming records. As a result, fans will soon be able to watch a new season of this program which has already proved very popular.

Currently, there is no confirmed date for Season 3 of Outer Banks, which is currently in production. You read that right: As of right now, there is no official date for Season 4. We believe you are wondering how we can know when Season 4 will premiere without knowing when Season 3 premiered.

The Netflix series Outer Banks has been renewed for a fourth season, albeit they cannot announce specific airing dates. Speculations and leaks suggest that Season 4 may be released in June or July 2022. Although not confirmed officially, there have been several rumours.

Outer Banks Season 4 Cast

You can expect to see everyone from your beloved cast back (at least for the third season). 

Rudy Pankow, Madison Bailey, Austin North, Madelyn Cline, Charles Esten, and Chase Stokes are some of the people who are being mentioned here.

Fans of Carlacia Grant will also be delighted to know that she will be promoted to regular status in season three. Carlacia Grant plays Cleo, a vital part of Pogue’s friend’s circle.

Outer Banks Season 4 Possible Plot

While season three has not yet been released, it isn’t easy to speculate about the possible plot.

There was a massive cliffhanger ending to the second season (spoiler alert) – Ward is alive, and he and Rafe manage to escape with the gold and the cross. 

Even though many fans were sure Ward would not survive the explosion of his ship in the sixth episode, it seems that Ward found some scuba gear just in time and escaped the disaster. 

Season three will reveal how the writers will advance the story, but there is no doubt that season four will feature huge cliffhangers.

Have the producers confirmed season 3?

Netflix has officially confirmed Outer Banks season 3. In the video shared on the Outer Banks Instagram page on December 7, Chase Stokes declares, “Season 3, baby! Let’s go. We’re returning!”.

Jonas Pate, co-creator of the series, told Entertainment Weekly that he envisions it having four seasons, and the overall story has already been laid out.

From the start, we always thought it would be a four-season show, maybe even a five-season show. “We’ve written the show pretty far into the future. So I’m just hoping we’ll be able to tell those stories.”


What was the Netflix rating for Outer Banks season 2?

On Netflix, the series gained 322.59 million viewing hours worldwide between July 26 and September 5, 2021, earning it a place in Netflix’s new top 10 metrics.

Netflix rated it number one for the first four weeks that the series was available for streaming.

Updates on ‘Outer Banks’ Seasons 3 and 4

Creator and showrunner Jonas Pate has had big plans for Outer Banks from the beginning. “Ever since we started the show, we viewed it as something that was probably a four-season show, maybe a five-season show, but four seasons,” he told Entertainment Weekly in April 2020.

There has been no word on future seasons of Outer Banks – until now. However, a source close to the Netflix show told Small Screen that scripts for seasons 3 and 4 are being finalized.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reached out to Netflix for comment but did not receive a response. The streaming giant has yet to confirm details about season 3. “Season 3 should begin filming this year,” according to the source. They expect the show to air in the middle of 2022. 

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