What Has Made Steve Harvey Become Rich? Update 2022

Steve Harvey Become Rich

In addition to hosting talk shows and game shows, he is a comedian, radio star, best-selling author, husband, father, and grandfather. A lavish lifestyle and a good chunk of change have been afforded to the 62-year-old icon via his wisecracks and hard work. Based on the Celebrity Net Worth website, Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be $160 million in 2019.
Harvey performed on the Kings of Comedy tour in 1997. With Don Hughley, Bernie Mac, and Cedric the Entertainer, Harvey performed on the 1997 Kings of Comedy tour. As the highest-grossing comedy tour in history, it grossed $18 million in its first year and $19 million in its second year.Leran more What Has Made Steve Harvey Become Rich?

Steve Harvey Become Rich
Steve Harvey Become Rich

I am not being able to make ends meet.

Choosing a career path was one of Steve’s biggest struggles before he became successful. After graduating from West Virginia University, Steve Harvey worked at several jobs following his birth in Welch, West Virginia. Professional boxers, insurance salespeople, and mail carriers have tried their hands at his trade. However, none of them succeeded.

After a while, he moved into standup comedy, which he reportedly began in the 1980s. Marcia’s first wife, Karli, had twin daughters during that decade, Brandi, 37, and Karli, 37. He gave birth to a son named Brock in 1991.

Increasingly difficult to make ends meet as a comedian’s paycheck diminishes. Steve was forced to live in his 1976 Ford Tempo as a result. A small Igloo cooler served as a refrigerator in the backseat, and he washed up in hotels, swimming pools, and gas stations. Unfortunately, the situation is the same as it was three years ago.

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Steve Harvey Net Worth 2022

According to Steve Harvey’s net worth, he is worth $200 million as of June 2022. “Family Feud” has been hosted by him since 2010, replacing John O’Hurley. As soon as Harvey took over, the show was in a state of disaster and was at risk of being canceled. Despite this, Family Feud has consistently ranked among the top 10 highest-rated daytime shows and has ranked third among game shows (behind Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!) since he became host.

In June 2015, Family Feud surpassed Wheel of Fortune to become the top-rated television game show. Steve Harvey earns an average of $10 million a year hosting Family Feud. He earns $20 million annually in addition to hosting his radio show.

Steve Harvey ranks among the world’s wealthiest comedians, alongside Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, and others. As a result of his partnership with PopViewers, another income stream has been added to his empire.

Steve Harvey Net Worth Summary

  • Net Worth $280 Million
  • Miss Universe Show Salary $2 Million
  • Business Income $36 Million
  • Assets & Investments $57 Million
  • Taxes Paid $2 Million
  • Cars Owned 14
  • House Properties 9
  • Weight 209 lbs (95 kg)

The Big Break

His standup skills were perfected in the 80s, and he rose to stardom. 

It was the beginning of more incredible things when he reached the 1989 Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search finals.

In the early 1990s, he performed on Showtime at the Apollo, followed by several hosting gigs.

Due to its success, The Steve Harvey Show ran from 1996 to 2002, and he continued to perform on it.

Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, and D.L. Hughey were part of the Kings of Comedy tour in 1997.

A movie based on it, The Original Kings of Comedy, was made by director Spike Lee.

From 1997 to 1998, the tour generated over $37 million in revenue.

How does Steve Harvey make money? Currently, he hosts the Steve Harvey morning show, the Steve Harvey family feud show, and the celebrity family feud show. The majority of Steve Harvey’s income comes from hosting radio shows. Steve Harvey, one of the most famous faces on global television, has built a fortune of $200 million with his passion. In addition to being an American businessman and actor, Harvey is an author, a game show host, and a former comedian.

In 1957, Steve Harvey was born Broderick Stephen Harvey in Welch, West Virginia, once known as “the coal hub of the nation.”. In 2022, Steve Harvey is estimated to have a net worth of 200 million dollars. In response to the tour’s immediate success, one of the most successful comedy specials in history was taped – the original kings of comedy. As one of the comedy kings alongside Cedric the entertainer, Bernie Mac, and d.l., he toured in 1997. As a result, he can earn money through Facebook ads, donations, sponsorships, and brand endorsements.

Steve Harvey House

Steve Harvey’s house is one of the most expensive properties in Welch, West Virginia. In addition to an 11-bedroom villa with nine bathrooms, there is a wine cellar, two pools, and a wine cellar. There was a $25 million price tag on Steve Harvey’s house when he bought it.

Watches from Steve Harvey

Watches have been gifted to Steve Harvey by many wealthy donors over the years. The following is a list of the watches owned by Steve Harvey.

Early Life

Welch, West Virginia, was the place of birth of Broderick Stephen Harvey on January 17, 1957. He was born to coal miner Jesse Harvey and coal miner Eloise Vera Harvey. A young Harvey moved with his family to Cleveland, Ohio. At the time, Steve Harvey had no idea that one day his new street in Ohio would be called “Steve Harvey Way.”


Steve Harvey referenced the financial struggles Harvey faced in his youth numerous times. There was a period in his life when he lacked direction. Trying to make ends meet, he worked from job to job.

Harvey has worked as a boxer, an autoworker, an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner, and even a mailman. The Hilarities Comedy Club was the first place he tried standup comedy in 1985. First, however, Steve Harvey was homeless for three years while he found what would eventually become his passion. A gas station or swimming pool would be his shower location, and he would sleep in his 1976 Ford.

The TV industry finally gave Steve Harvey his big break after years of hard work. He succeeded Mark Curry as host of “It’s Showtime at the Apollo” after being a finalist in the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search on April 16, 1990. With his first break into the industry under his belt, he couldn’t look back.

As a result of Harvey’s success with standup comedy, he eventually starred in the ABC show “Me and The Boys” in 1994. Steve Harvey’s experience there led to his six-year show, “The Steve Harvey Show.” Although popular among blacks, The Steve Harvey Show did not receive high critical acclaim.

Real Estate

Steve and Marjorie leased a large mansion in Beverly Park, a gated community in Beverly Hills, California, in February 2018. The Harveys once negotiated a lease price of $110,000 per month for this 12,000-square-foot house on just under 2 acres. Approximately $1.3 million in rent is paid each year. An estimated $23.5 million was paid for the house in 2007.

Steve Harvey owns a 9,000-square-foot mansion outside of Los Angeles that he purchased in 2010 for $3.4 million and a 4-acre mansion outside of Dallas, Texas. Steve also purchased a 5,500-square-foot house on the 88th floor of Trump International in 2013. A $7.7 million profit was made on selling that property in 2018.

Steve purchased the former Atlanta mansion of Tyler Perry for $15 million in May 2020. There are 17 acres surrounding the gated, 35,000-square-foot home. Tyler purchased the house in 2017, renovated it, and sold it for $17.5 million to an evangelist named David Turner in 2016. Unfortunately, the home turned out to be a loss of $2.5 million for Turner.

Is Steve Harvey suffering from a disease?

During his 50s, Harvey began running marathons and half-marathons to stay active and challenge himself. His treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia lasted a year after he was diagnosed in the summer of 2014.

What is the real name of Steve Harvey?

A singer-songwriter born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, USA, Steve Harvey is also known as Broderick Steven Harvey. In addition to his observations of the world, the American comedian, actor, author, and television and radio personality specialized in providing self-help advice.

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