Scott Patterson’s wife Kristine Saryan, is also an accomplished actress- All The Info On Gilmore Girls Actress In 2022

Scott Patterson's wife Kristine Saryan

Even though Kristen Saryan is an accomplished actress, she comes to the public eye more for her spouse than for her career or life. Kristen Saryan is a famous actress from the United States, known for playing Chrissy in the popular television show Gilmore Girls. In addition to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, she has also appeared in other television series.

The American actor Scott Patterson’s wife, Kristine Saryan, is famous. In addition to Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, her husband, is a well-known actor.

Scott Patterson's wife Kristine Saryan
Scott Patterson's wife Kristine Saryan

Who is Kristine Saryan?

 Her most famous role is in Gilmore Girls, and she is Scott Patterson’s second wife. Please find out about her age, wiki, biography, and net worth. Although she also appeared in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (2016), she became more popular after marrying Scott Patterson, an American actor, and musician.

We will dig deeper into Scott Patterson’s wife Kristine Saryan’s married life and more interesting facts about her.

So many of her fans are more interested in their relationship and career as artists than what they do in their personal lives. Therefore, it is okay if people add an extra “a” to her name when searching for her name Kristine Sarayan. Learn more about Kristine’s age, height, husband, wiki, biography, movies, and more.

As well as being a renowned actress, Kristine Saryan (now Kristine Patterson) is a talented actress. A well-known actress, she has appeared in shows such as “Gilmore Girls” and “Kidnapped Hannah Anderson.”

The Saryan and Patterson Couple

Kristine joined Gilmore Girls in 2002 when she became an actress. Scott was previously married to someone named Vera Davich.

They divorced in 1985 after only two years of marriage. Their relationship is kept low-key by Scott and Kristine.

It’s hard to find much information about them online, even though they’ve been seen together several times. 

The story of how Scott Patterson met Kristine is even a bit conflicting. According to some, they first met in Gilmore Girls, while others claim they knew each other before they starred in the show.

According to them, Kristine and Scott knew each other in 2001. In 2004, they played their respective roles in the series. Miss Patty’s dance assistant, Chrissy, was played by Kristine. So over the past two decades, they have been together.

Scott Patterson and Kristine Saryan’s age gap has raised eyebrows.

Saryan was born on July 19, 1984, while Patterson was born on September 11, 1958. Kristine is 38 years old at the moment. She is currently married to a 64-year-old man. Despite their age gap, the Couple’s relationship and marriage have not been hindered by the age gap.

Many people had raised questions regarding when they first met and started dating. Since they met in 2001, they probably started dating when she was between 17 and 18, and the actor was between 43 and 44.

Scott Patterson’s Wife Kristine Saryan bio: Quick facts about her

Before we read her biography, let’s look at who Kristine Saryan is. First, look at Kristine Saryan’s Wikipedia page and some quick highlights about her.

  • Currently, she is working as an actress.
  • The wife of Scott Patterson is Kristine Sararayan.
  • There is a 24-year age gap between Kristine and Scott Patterson.
  • In 2022, Scott Patterson’s wife will be 38 years old.
  • It’s just a number, and the Couple believes in love no matter their age.
  • Kristine and Scott were married in 2014.

A love story between Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson

We know that her husband, Scott is an American actor and musician. According to media reports, he and Kristine started dating in 2001 when he played Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls. According to Scott’s Wikipedia, Patterson Scott met Kristine during the intermission of a play they were attending together.

This was the beginning of their love story. A cute son named Nicholas was born the same year as the Couple’s marriage in 2014. Scott Peterson and Kristine Sarayan’s love story is one we hope you enjoyed.

This is about how Kristine and Scott met and their beautiful love story. We will now discuss their net worth, as well as their social media presence.

What does Kristine do now?

According to some media reports, she is currently investing in the fashion industry. She also works as an actress and takes care of their son. Since they have a son, she spends much time with her family. Her primary responsibility is to take care of his child and family. She is making many efforts to care for her family and son since Scott Patterson’s wife and son live with him. The next step is to talk about her husband and her net worth. We will later examine all her official accounts and take some questions to clear any remaining doubts you may have.

Life at the moment

In 2014, the Couple decided to get married. Having drawn her boundaries with the media industry, Saryan has focused on being a stay-at-home wife. Patterson announced the birth of their only child Nicholas via Twitter in 2014. In his words, he seemed overwhelmed with the joy of being a father and sharing this feeling with Saryan.

It is admirable that both have chosen to keep their personal lives private. Regardless of what information they hand us over or information already available on the Internet, we will make do with what we have. Making a big deal out of their matters or creating rumors about them is unjustified.

Aside from Twitter, Patterson shares moments with Nicholas through his Instagram handle, but Saryan is never included. Most likely, this is because Saryan has decided to cut off all ties with the media and live her life in peace in a place where random strangers won’t comment on her appearance or activities.

Life as a married woman for Kristine Sarayan

Married Kristine Saravan and has two children. Her long-term lover and now life partner, Scott Gordon Patterson, later married Kristine Saryan. It is well known that Scott Gordon Patterson is an American actor. Scott Gordon Patterson has acted in a few movies. There have been hundreds of movies starring Scott Gordon Patterson. She is best known for performing in the Saw movies as Special Agent Peter Strahm and Luke Danes.

The net worth of Scott Paterson and Kristine Saryan

Scott Patetersn has undoubtedly enjoyed a successful career. During his career, he has appeared in more than 20 TV shows. The most notable features are Justice League, 90210, Aliens in America, The Event, Seinfeld, and many others.

On the other hand, Kristine has an estimated net worth of $1 million, mainly owing to her earnings as an actress, model, and investor in the fashion industry. 

Kristine Sarayan, Scott Patterson’s wife, was all we knew about her. If anything changes, we will update this article. Kristine has let loose just that for now!

Kristine Saryan and Scott Patterson’s children

Kristine Saryan is not only stunning, but she is also a mother. The Couple’s child, Nicholas, was born in 2014. Scott Gordon Patterson publicly announced that he was a child’s father. They seem happy with their lives according to their frequent Instagram posts about their child.

Nicholas often posts pictures to his father’s Instagram account, as shown in these stunning images. Kristine Saryan, however, is not visible in the Instagram pictures. Keeping her children at home, Kristine Saryan has chosen to be a reclusive, out-of-the-public parent.

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