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Meghan Trainor

There is new music being written by Meghan Trainor
In a recent interview, Meghan Trainor said she is creating new music and is excited about it. With the release of A Very Trainor Christmas in 2020, Meghan has released four studio albums.
An American television personality, singer, and songwriter, Meghan Elizabeth Trainor was born in 1993.
She became famous after releasing her first single in 2014, All About That Bass.
Over 10 million copies of the single were sold worldwide and topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Several awards were presented to the artist, including the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2016.
Since she composed acoustic albums such as Only 17, I’ll Sing With You, and Meghan Trainor at a young age, she became interested in music.
In 2015, she released her first studio album, Title, which contained songs like Like I’m Gonna Lose You and Lips Are Movin’.
Look at what the artist does now and why she took a break from music.

Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor

After giving birth to her first child, Meghan Trainor reported feeling ‘unsexy’: ‘I have to learn to love my body again.’

It’s time for Meghan Trainor to be honest about her body image.

The pop star opens up about her relationship with her body since becoming a mother in this week’s PEOPLE cover story.

Some things aren’t going away, and I must learn to love that,” says Trainor, 27. “I have scars in new places I didn’t know stretch marks could be,” she adds.

In February, the Grammy winner and her husband, Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara, 29, welcomed their first child together, son Riley.

Even with my husband, the love of my life, who worships the ground I step on and loves my body — I didn’t feel sexy right away. “It took me a couple of weeks and therapy sessions to get back into the mindset of, “My husband loves me, I’m hot, and everything is alright,” Trainor says.'”

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On our daily podcast, PEOPLE Every Day, you can listen to more of PEOPLE’s cover story interview with Meghan Trainor.

The spark did not leave, but it has struggled,” she says, adding that making intimacy “a surprise – it’s not scheduled – really brought back the spark.”

After releasing her breakthrough song “All About That Bass” in 2014, the singer-songwriter has been open about her struggles with body image.
“I wrote the song about my body insecurities. I was already struggling with my body, especially being in front of all the people judging me. Many people in my early career would say stuff to me in person like, “Well, you’re a lot skinnier than I thought you’d be, or just strange backhanded comments,” Trainor recalls. My relationship with my body has been very weird for a long time, especially since I grew up chubby.”
The spark didn’t disappear, but it has struggled,” she says, adding that it rekindled their relationship by making intimacy “a surprise, not scheduled.”

Since 2014, when she released her breakthrough hit “All About That Bass,” the singer-songwriter has been open about her struggles with body image.
The song was written for me about my body insecurities, especially in front of those who judged me. I was already in a tough place with my body. “I used to get a lot of weird backhanded comments from people when I started my career, like, “Well, you’re a lot skinnier than I expected you to be.” I have had a strange relationship with my body for many years, especially because I grew up chubby.”

Which of the album’s tracks is your favorite?

Although I was always subconscious about my body, I wrote much about it. But after a C-section and having a baby, I got new stretch marks, then a C-section scar crossed them. So not only was I like, “What body is this? After having a C-section because you have to be awake, I saw all these new marks on my body like I had PTSD. So I would lie in bed at night and say, “She’s still in me.” So I had to learn to love my body with all this new shit on top. And it was terrifying and terrible.

The feeling of sexiness never came to me. I wasn’t interested in making love to my man because I was like, “Ew, gross.” He was like, “You’re stunning.” So I write these anthems and bangers about loving yourself for me because I need them the most. There was a song called “Made You Look” among them.

The hardest thing I’ll ever do is look at myself naked for five minutes. That’s what my therapist told me. So, therefore, I wrote the song about how I could wear all these fancy clothes and be dressed up with my stylist and makeup artist. It’s still possible to be hot even if I don’t wear anything. It is still possible for me to look good naked. Those were the lyrics to that song. There’s something special about that.

Having become a mother, Meghan Trainor is committed to ‘telling the hard parts’ in her new music.

Recently, Meghan Trainor talked about life and music after becoming a mother in an interview with Parents Magazine. The All About That Bass singer released her last album in 2020, A Very Trainor Christmas, and even filmed a music video with son Riley Sabara for her song My Kind Of Present. 

Childbirth and how it affected Trainor’s music and life were discussed during the interview. The singer said she was committed to “telling the hard parts” in her recent lyrics. In her comments, Trainor continued, “Many women are posting their stretch marks online and writing, ‘I love my tiger stripes, they gave me my boy,’.” However, she revealed that she did not have the same experience and added, “I love my baby, but I can’t look at my stretch marks and say, ‘Wow, I love them,’ you know?”

Trainor said Motherhood changed her radically, and she could see that clearly in her changing lyrics, “It feels like I’m telling the truth.” You get more creative when you have a baby, and my lyrics are changing.” The Grammy Award winner also revealed, “Instead of writing songs to make everyone feel better, I write about how I feel at the moment.” 

However, Meghan insisted, “it’s not like every day is sad. It’s more like: Yes, I’m a badass, but this isn’t easy.

As a result, she felt terrible about her appearance.

In addition to self-care techniques, she and her husband started exercising, getting massages, and getting manicures. 

Her weight loss is attributed to Daryl’s encouragement.

His goal was not to change her body but to ensure she was healthy, and he did whatever he could to help. 

As she discussed her body after becoming a mother, she revealed that she was covered in stretch marks and scars in unexpected places.

Despite her best efforts, the marks were not fading, and she had to learn to love and accept them.

She admitted that she had started feeling bad about her body after welcoming their son.

Even though her husband encouraged her, she felt she was not doing enough.

She had to change her mindset after weeks of treatment sessions before she realized she was beautiful, and her husband still loved her. 

In addition, she joked that her songwriting had improved since she had a C-section. 

Her experience with the lockdown

During the impending lockdown, the superstar released her album in early 2020. Despite collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Pussycat Dolls, treat Myself was arguably her best song on the album. 

In the album, the artist tells a story of how she came to love and appreciate herself more, filled with self-care and self-love themes.

As a result of the lockdowns, she could not perform any of the songs on the album, which left her feeling heartbroken and sad.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she admitted that it was terrible. 

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