Is there an actress who forgot almost everything on the Friends set?

Actress who forgot almost everything on the Friends set

During the filming of Friends, Courteney Cox revealed that she completely forgot what happened during the shoot: ‘I don’t remember being there at all.’

It is difficult for Courteney Cox to remember anything about her time as Monica Geller on the television show “Friends” that she can recall. In an interview with People magazine, a 57-year-old actress who played the title character in the iconic sitcom that originally aired between 1994 and 2004 admitted that she has very few memories of filming the series during this period.
When Courteney Cox sat next to the other five protagonists of the cast for the special episode ‘Friends: The Reunion, which was released in 2021, she realized she had many gaps in her memory that she needed to fill in.
As well as interpreter of Monica Geller; there were also actresses Jennifer Aniston, 53, Lisa Kudrow, 58, and actors Matthew Perry, 52, Matt LeBlanc, 54, and David Schwimmer, 55, as well as interpreter of Monica Geller.
It is without a doubt that Friends has been one of the most successful television shows in the history of television, and this cannot be debated. It somehow avoided making fundamental mistakes during its airing and got everything right. However, the series made all the right moves to reach the top despite some ideas that might have ruined the show.
Even today, the show’s cast, including Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe, makes millions. A career that has seen and done it all is underrated for Kudrow.


It was surprising that the actress did not recall much about her old TV series when she was interviewed. We have the details below to explain why fans were surprised.

Is there a reason why Lisa Kudrow didn’t film ‘Friends’?

As NBC unleashed Friends on the world in 1994, the small screen underwent a seismic shift. Seinfeld was already living the good life, so the fact that Friends brought things to a whole new level was, of course an outstanding achievement.

As one of the best series of the 1990s, it was all that fans wanted, featuring a talented cast of young and relatively unknown performers. Certainly, Living Single was the first show to do it, and arguably it was the best, but Friends was the right show at the right time at just the right place. Even though the show ended after ten seasons and 236 episodes, to this very day, it is still one of the most popular television shows. The series is still watched and streamed by millions of people. Additionally, the reunion session that aired also had insane streaming numbers, as if that wasn’t impressive enough.

Undoubtedly, the series was such a success because it was cast so perfectly, which is one of the biggest reasons it was so popular. The brilliant Lisa Kudrow plays Phoebe to perfection in this role.

A lot of the scenes she filmed for Friends aren’t vividly remembered by Courteney Cox.

Despite her pride in the work, she and her castmates did to make Friends a cult classic, Courteney Cox doesn’t remember much of the filming.

In an interview with TODAY’s Willie Geist on Sunday, Monica Geller said, “I should have watched all 10 seasons, because when I did the reunion and was asked questions, I wasn’t there. I don’t remember filming so many episodes.”

As a result of her terrible memory, Cox blamed herself. As a result, I am a little bummed that we did not have more time to take pictures. I don’t have much to look back on because I don’t have much to look back on,” she explained. “I see it on TV sometimes, and I stop and think, ‘Oh, my God, I don’t remember this.’ “It’s so funny, but it’s still so sad at the same time.”

Besides Cox, five other key cast members have reunited onscreen for the first time since Friends concluded in 2004: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. 

Their time together was bittersweet for many of them as they looked back on their time together. As Aniston told The Hollywood Reporter, the emotions were too much for her to handle, and she admitted to E! that she had to walk out multiple times because the feelings were too much. During the reunion, it was reported that everyone, except for Schwimmer, had been crying at one point during the event.

Is there anyone who almost got cast in Friends?

The part of Rachel Green was initially meant to be played by Jennifer Aniston, but did you know Jane Krakowski also auditioned? Besides being considered for the role of Phoebe Buffay, she was also considered for the position of Angela.

Does Courteney Cox have a problem with memory loss?

Even though she has been a part of the massively popular series for more than ten seasons, Cox has reminded the world that she doesn’t remember much about her time on the series. According to CNN’s parent company, CNN’s parent company owns HBO Max, and she has been at a disadvantage because her lack of memory caused her to miss last year’s HBO Max “Friends” reunion.

How was the set of Friends? Did there seem to be any drama?

There were few on-set dramas on Friends, especially compared to Grey’s Anatomy. Still, this list brings together all the on-set dramas that made their way to the Internet, such as one actor’s addiction to intense contract negotiations.

Can you tell me who turned down the role of Chandler?

The role of Chandler was offered to Jon Favreau, but he declined.

Favreau decided to turn down the offer because he had other gigs to work on. Monica’s rich boyfriend, Pete Becker, he appeared on Friends for six episodes in 1997.

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