Why is Bollywood running after South makers so much these days?

Bollywood running after South makers

You dislike movies copied from Hollywood, which you probably have already seen (and loved). Therefore, you compare the action, direction, sets, drama, and suspense of the Bollywood movie with its Hollywood counterpart and become disappointed. “It was an okay movie, but I preferred the ORIGINAL Hollywood movie.”

Whenever you say ‘but,’ everything you said up until that point is nullified, and your friend won’t go to the hall to see it. Instead, he’ll see the ‘one you liked more on his laptop.

You may not realize you are watching a remake if you are not familiar with South Indian cinema unless someone tells you, and you might still enjoy it more than the original! It is probably a remake, so if there are any mistakes, they can be corrected. The more familiar faces you see, the better.

As much as I would like to answer your question, the question that still needs to be answered is why does the famous Bollywood have to copy? What is the reason for the directors’ lack of originality?

Bollywood running after South makers
Bollywood running after South makers

The reasons behind the poor box office performance of many recent Bollywood films

As with other industries during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bollywood, the world’s largest film industry based on global movie production, faced dark days. Film sets were shut down to stop the spread of the deadly virus, and directors and actors remained at home. With many films postponing their release dates in fear of fewer viewers, everyone in the industry waited patiently for better days ahead.

Bollywood films have been re-released recently as the world has opened up. However, with each new release, the hope of more people watching movies dims, especially after the pandemic.

Why has Bollywood failed in recent years?

It is hard to pinpoint the main reasons behind Bollywood’s poor performance. However, some theories have been developed by experts. This could be due to a lack of understanding between producers and audiences. Many Bollywood films have performed well despite having mediocre content in the past.

A large part of Indian films is dramatizing various situations, having multiple songs, and being a complete entertainment package. A popular medium for reflecting society’s concerns, they have always captured the hearts of audiences. Viewers are transported into a fantasy world with no restrictions, such as singing in the middle of the street during the day, something they usually wouldn’t do.

What are the chances of South Indian cinema giving Bollywood a run for its money in the future?

West Indian bowler Obed McCoy celebrated taking a wicket by wiping his chin with the back of his hand during a recent Indian Premier League match.

‘Pushpa: The Rise’ has had a phenomenal run at the box office since its release four months ago, as McCoy mimicked actor Allu Arjun’s gesture.

The film was also a reminder that South Indian cinema has mastered the art of making pan-Indian movies that appeal to domestic and foreign audiences. Money earned is showing up where it matters most.

In addition, Salman Khan acknowledged it as well. According to him, South films attract audiences because of their heroism, which is lacking in Hindi films today.

Compared to South Indian films, Bollywood’s share of domestic box-office revenues was higher in 2019. South Indian films brought in Rs 4,000 crore compared to Bollywood’s Rs 5,200 crore. In contrast, Hollywood’s share was Rs 1,500 crore.

To a majority of people, Bollywood is just another film industry…

As the Hindi film industry grew, it overtook small film industries like Marathi, Bengali, Rajasthani, etc., by expanding its market. Due to the enormous budgets, Hindi films are known for their high technical values, which makes them more popular than regional films. As a result, many regional film industries gave up hope when commercial cinema started taking over in the early 1970s, and it appears that Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam productions sustained their market.

Hindi and South Indian film industries differ significantly culturally, in addition to the language barrier. It is also common in South Indian films to have actors from other industries, which makes dubbing into other languages easier. However, it is uncommon for actors from other industries to appear in Hindi films. Due to this, dubbing won’t work as well as in other South Indian films, which eventually alienated them. Moreover, in areas with substantial Muslim populations or with people fluent in Hindi, dubbed Hindi movies are not encouraged because they prefer to watch them in Hindi. Bollywood is another film industry that produces commercial films and occasionally supplies scripts.

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