What’s the significance of the giant tree at the end of Attack on Titan?

Giant tree at the end of Attack on Titan

Ymir got her power from a giant tree that was amazingly similar to the one from which the giant tree got its power.

If he were to enter, which is most certainly going to happen, his hand would hold the next founding Titan, meaning he would have to repeat the cycle.

Whether or not this story will continue in the future will be determined by the events of the future.

Giant tree at the end of Attack on Titan
Giant tree at the end of Attack on Titan

Does Attack on Titan need more pages? What do you think?

Attack on Titan’s infamous additional pages are finally here, which some say have ruined the work, but is that the case?

I believe they make some points of the story clear and close the themes of this masterpiece perfectly.

The first pages we see are these: Frankly, these pages tell us something that was already obvious before, namely that Ymir breaks free from the chains of love after seeing Mikasa kill Eren, and then she also dies (although many haters of the ending didn’t seem to grasp such a trivial concept). Moreover, they serve to show us what happens to her in the end physically.

We can understand Ymir’s drama even more, as she always tried to communicate with Mikasa, creating headaches for her, and her life was hell. She was chained and served by toxic love for over 2000 years. She lived a disastrous life, but her death led to more life, just like Mikasa’s, who would be able to free her from her chains years later, drama and poetry in the same breath, misfortune becoming salvation in the end.
His death brought light to a people, and his suffering served a purpose, death created life; this is the natural cycle.
Although I am not here to criticize this page stupidly, I would like to point out the thematic genius behind it.
Despite moving on, getting married to someone (presumably Jean, but Armin also had a similar cut in his last appearance in the final chapter), and starting a family, Mikasa still pays homage to Eren because that’s what humans do: we move on, but we never forget.
It is fair to say Mikasa represents an overcoming of Ymir’s philosophy since the first one was unable to sacrifice her husband for a greater good (his life and the end of Eldian abuse toward other nations), and even after his death, she remained a servant of Fritz’s family.
Her sacrifice, however, was not a rejection of Mikasa towards Eren but simply a logical choice to sacrifice her beloved for the greater good. After the death of Mikasa, she continues to remember and love him.

There was a gut-punching twist at the end of Attack on Titan.

Its combination of horror, action, mystery and socio-political criticism made Attack on Titan one of the most successful mangas of the past decade. There was some controversy surrounding the ending – as is often the case for beloved works of fiction – as not all fans appreciated how Eren Yeager was treated. It becomes even more depressing when one closely looks at the final sequence.

Eren acquired the Founding Titan’s power and unleashed “the Rumbling,” an explosive attack on the outside world. To punish the enemies of the Eldians, hundreds of thousands of Colossal Titans walked the earth. During the four days of the Rumbling, Eren led his titans on a rampage, killing eighty percent of the world’s population. Mikasa, his childhood love, stopped him before he could complete the destruction of the non-Eldians. The manga’s final chapter reveals Eren’s true motivation for his genocidal actions.

Forest of Giant Trees (Anime)

Giant trees are tall trees with enormous trunks and large branches and can grow more significantly than most Titans. They are generally around 80 meters tall and have enormous trunks and branches. Humans can climb trees because of their enormous size, and Titans cannot climb trees because they lack the intelligence to do so. However, scouts use them on expeditions to accomplish specific goals. In addition, because of the tall tree trunks and branches that can be secured to the steel cables, these forests are perfect places to use omnidirectional mobility gear, improving versatility and mobility. However, this also gives Titans an advantage since they can hide behind the large tree trunks, and the dense forest canopy makes it difficult for incoming Titans to see them.

Toward the Tree on That Hill

The Attack on Titan manga’s 139th chapter, Toward the Tree on That Hill, is the fifth and final chapter of the 34th volume, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

Due to the power of the Founding Titan, many of Eren Yeager’s former comrades from Paradis Island recall memories of him visiting them that were erased after his death by Mikasa Ackerman. As Armin Arlert recounts that he and Mikasa discussed Eren killing most of humanity during the Rumbling and that he wanted to live with her in peace, he reveals his true feelings about Mikasa.

Seeing Mikasa approaching with Eren’s head, Armin notices his Titan form dissolving into steam. After Mikasa buries Eren’s remains, Armin approaches the Marley troops with the other Indians and claims responsibility for Eren’s death. The island of Paradis, which has begun mobilizing an army for the time when Marley and the other countries seek revenge, has begun peace talks with those living in Marley several years after the war. Observing a bird flying toward Mikasa as she sits beneath the tree where Eren is buried, she thinks about him. The bird picks at her scarf and is adjusted it before it flies away.

There’s a hint at a spinoff series in the new manga ending for Attack on Titan!

A spinoff or sequel could be in the works based on the additional eight pages to Volume 34 of Attack on Titan manga.

The anime and manga franchise Attack on Titan is one of the world’s most enormous.

How likely will a spinoff or sequel series appear with the final manga volume dropping next month?

With eight pages added to the ending, the chances of more Attack on Titan may be higher than expected.

What’s new in Attack on Titan’s ending…

A total of eight pages will be added to the Attack on Titan ending in Volume 34, which is set to release on June 9th.

The final ending has already been revealed on social media, and fans have mixed reactions.

On these additional eight pages, we see Mikasa, Jean, and a child visiting a lone tree in an urban area.

Several flashforwards later, Mikasa is buried with Eren’s scarf around her neck, which appears near Eren’s grave.

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