What Happened To Rich Lewis On Mountain Men?

Rich Lewis On Mountain Men

After his appearance in the sixth season of the History network show “Mountain Men,” Rich Lewis left the series. Mountain lion hunting is too old for him, but he still lives with the wildlife in the mountains. The exact reason for his departure from the show is unknown.

A unique reality show on the History Channel is Mountain Men. Documenting the lives of a group of American men living in isolated lands, the series demonstrates the gritty and rough lifestyle they have adopted. These men rely solely on their skills and knowledge for their livelihood, away from the modern world.
The mountain men in the show have continuously changed over the ten years it has been broadcast. Rich Lewis, a homesteader from Ruby Valley, Montana, has long been admired by fans of the show. Unfortunately, Lewis has not been seen in the show’s recent seasons, and if you’re wondering what happened to him, read on!

Rich Lewis On Mountain Men
Rich Lewis On Mountain Men

Early life and family

Rick Lewis is still not known to have been born on that date, but he appears to be in his early sixties. It’s unclear when he was born, but he was born in Idaho, USA. Rich grew up on a ranch and lived a different lifestyle than the typical city-dweller, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Rich’s survival skills are thought to have come from his father and grandfather, both mountain dwellers who lived with their families. Rich built himself a house in 2004 in the Ruby Valley in southwest Montana, where he currently lives.

He lives in the wilderness.

In the episode entitled “Mountain Men,” Rich said if he could describe being alone in the mountains in one word, it would be “solitude.” As he stated in the episode, being alone in the mountains is indescribable. He agreed with his critics because no mountain men were left, as he was born at the wrong time. He also believes that no one is interested in living off the land anymore. Rich people don’t like to be babysat, so he works alone, which means he can complete the job by himself if no one is around.

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During the winter, Rich Lewis finds it most difficult to maintain his skills.

He must fight as a mountain dweller for things as essential as water. The ice makes it impossible to submerge his bucket into the creek in the winter.

People take their lives for granted, he believes. Horses and dogs had to be watered at least twice daily, but it seemed complicated because the water quickly froze. The weather constantly changes, so Rich must be prepared for anything. It gets cold and windy at the foundation of his house in the winter, so he warms it with straw. Rich believes this is one of the cheapest methods to keep the cabin warm even in harsh weather. He drinks whiskey when it gets cold. While he usually prepares for the long winter, bringing food, firewood, etc., he enjoys it nonetheless: “Peace, they don’t understand.”. Some may find it absurd, but everyone has their own opinions. That’s how I’m going to live my life.

What happened to the Mountain Men?

Rich Lewis appeared on ‘Mountian Men’ for the first time in the show’s second season in 2013. Ruby Valley native Lewis appeared in the season two premiere episode titled ‘Into the Wild.’ His survival and hunting skills immediately impressed the viewers. A fan favorite was Lewis’s adorable dogs, who accompanied him on hunting excursions and kept his wife, Diane, company. Lewis appeared as a guest star in the show throughout its run.

On the show, Lewis’ most memorable moments included hunting a large buck and saving his cattle from predators. In addition to Lewis’ perpetual preparedness and dog training drills, the show became well known. He embraced the mountain man lifestyle with his vast knowledge and unbreakable spirit. Among the locals, Lewis is also known as the “Lion Hunter” because of his prowess in tracking mountain lions. In an episode of season 6, a mountain lion watched over a rancher as he returned his cattle to the ranch.

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Does Rich Lewis not appear on ‘Mountain Men’ for some reason?

In Ruby Valle, he developed survival skills over 20 years. Furthermore, he was also known for keeping mountain lions away from his small village, making him somewhat of a hometown hero. Eventually, he became a reality TV star because of his no-nonsense attitude and personality.

Due to personal reasons, Rich eventually left the show. Despite rumors and speculation, he wasn’t fired, nor were producers planning to get rid of him in favor of another “creative direction.” Instead, they decided that enough was enough, and the show ended. After Danny Glover told him he was getting too old for this lifestyle, he decided to stop filming.

Can you tell me what Rich Lewis is doing these days?

Diane and her husband traveled to Ruby Valley, Montana, from Idaho. Her husband seemed to enjoy the wildlife.

Since the couple married nearly 30 years ago, there has been no public information about their children.

Since they spent decades in the bush together, mostly alone, they seem utterly devoted to each other.

A retired couple resides in the Highlands and lives a former life together.

Salary and net worth

Money may not matter as much in the mountains as food, shelter, and safety – but it can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Even a minimalist lifestyle still requires spending money on specific equipment and resources. Despite living off the land, Rich could transport himself with a vehicle. Despite his short tenure on “Mountain Men,” Rich has amassed an estimated $300,000 fortune – not a small sum for a survivalist.

Social Media Presence

Rich Lewis is unlikely to capture animals and post their pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

The people who appear on the show “Mountain Men” are generally devoid of technology and are deeply connected to nature.

As a result, we will probably not see them post pictures of their hunts or feasts on social media. Neither Rich Lewis nor his mother uses social media.

Why Did He Leave After Season Three?

A scene in episode six, titled ‘A New Enemy,’ shows Lewis catching fish while Conway and his friends are sleeping.

In addition, he doesn’t appear to be fishing alone because another guy with him says, ‘make sure you bring back the food when you get it.

August 2015 saw the release of the next episode, “The Fight.” Once again, Rich Lewis gets into an argument with several people who do not want him around.

Lewis did this because he had been poaching their animals all along.

Despite Conway’s earlier warning that none of them could be killed, they were all killed! And now everyone else is suffering because of it.

It was impossible to tell when something would run out or be thoroughly used up.

His departure was not related to this.

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