Does an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction occur for Salma Hayek?

Salma Hayek

Even the most seasoned celebs are susceptible to wardrobe malfunctions from time to time. For example, Salma Hayek recently took to her Instagram account to reveal that she and Fran Drescher had a wardrobe malfunction during Sunday night’s 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards when she went to the bathroom during a trip.

While presenting the award for Male Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series, Hayek was seconds away from hitting the stage when her glove got stuck on the dress of Drescher, who was just moments away from taking the step. 

It was a lucky day for us that their fashion faux pas was caught on camera

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Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek

A backstage video featuring Fran Drescher reveals Salma Hayek’s fashion fail.

As it turns out, Salma Hayek had quite an eventful night at the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards this past weekend, but she was not prepared to be in such a position. Instead, she shared a video on her social media feed shortly before she was scheduled to appear on stage because of an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that occurred right before she was supposed to appear. When she and Fran Drescher were both in the bathroom, she got her glove stuck on the studded rim of Fran Drescher’s gown just before she was to give an award to Michael Keaton, who was ironically also in the bathroom as soon as his name was announced.

It was revealed that Fran wrote a letter to Salma praising her for her “fantastic” and “fearless” performance in House of Gucci, and the two shared their mutual admiration for each other.

Also, they talked about how often they’d run into each other randomly, embracing after being separated by an attendant in Paris and recalling a memory.

This wasn’t the star’s first fashion error of the awards season, as she revealed earlier this month that a serendipitous one occurred at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards.

When Salma was in the bathroom moments before heading to the stage to present an award, her glove, which was part of her royal pink ensemble, was caught in the gown worn by actress and friend Fran Drescher.

During the BAFTAs, Salma Hayek poked fun at a recent fashion malfunction on the red carpet.

During a recent red carpet appearance, Salma Hayek showed off a little more than she intended – and she laughed it off with a big smile.

In a velvet fitted gown by Gucci, the 55-year-old actress attended the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) on Sunday. She posed for photographers in front of a backdrop of the awards ceremony.

Although the dress was stunning, the “House of Gucci” actress suffered a wardrobe blunder when a gust of wind blew her dress open, revealing the lace lining at the back of her thigh. The star’s cleavage seemed to have become the focal point of many photos taken from the event to conceal the mishap.

Shortly afterward, Hayek took to Instagram to poke fun at herself by sharing side-by-side photos from the event of the wardrobe malfunction in action, which was taken several hours before the event itself.
The author wrote that sometimes, in an attempt to cover something up, other things appear more prominently than intended.
In response to Hayek’s post, fans praised her look and reassured her that her mishap was not serious.
As one person commented, “OMG, this isn’t even a malfunction, don’t even sweat it,” this isn’t even a malfunction. You are just showing off a lot of cleavages and are wearing a low-cut dress, that’s not a crime, and it’s undoubtedly not warranting all the attention it’s getting. It’s 2022! Cleavage is not a big deal at all. You look fantastic!”.

In a comment, someone else wrote: “Your purple dress is beautiful. You do not need to worry about covering it up. It does not matter how you dress – the people you love will love you regardless of what you wear! But, according to someone else, it does not matter how you dress.
As Salma Hayek stepped out of a swimming pool in a soaking wet black strapless dress for a photo shoot earlier today, she clutched her cleavage to avoid a considerable wardrobe malfunction.
Even though the purpose behind the sexy photo shoot remains a mystery, it is clear that the weight of the drenched dress made it difficult to keep up with the girls and keep them covered throughout the photo shoot.
Fortunately, she was able to successfully evade accidentally flashing her bare breasts to the rest of the crowd without exposing herself.

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