Tom Ellis and Lauren German are dating?

Tom Ellis and Lauren German are dating

In the six seasons of Netflix’s hit series, Chloe and Lucifer shared intense emotions and love sparkles that had people wondering if it was just an act or something else hidden behind those convincing scenes.
Despite trying to dig deeper, we were unable to find anything. Well, at least nothing romantic. Privately, Tom and Lauren are very close friends, and they say they’ve got each other’s backs, and they hold each other in high regard as people and as professionals.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German are dating
Tom Ellis and Lauren German are dating

Lauren German and Tom Ellis, stars of Lucifer, are dating?

Lauren German and Tom Ellis’s on-screen romance is just that, on screen. The screenwriter and film producer Meghan Oppenheimer has been Lucifer Morningstar’s wife since 2019.

There is no doubt that these two stars have chemistry. It could, however, simply be because the two of them are “excellent friends.”

The two have also been through a lot together; after all, Fox canceled Lucifer in 2018 before Netflix stepped in to save the devilishly magnificent show by picking it up for ten episodes for the upcoming fourth season. As a result, the fifth season was followed by 16 additional episodes, with the first eight being released in August 2020 and the second half in May 2021, while the sixth season came out only four months later.

It’s no surprise the actors are such good friends since they’ve been working together for years (since 2016).

Does Lauren German have a boyfriend?

Lauren German, according to Whosdatedwho, is currently single. It’s possible that she’s not single. Though she has a career in the public eye, the actress prefers to keep her private life out of the spotlight.

Lauren wasn’t comfortable disclosing too much about her love life.

Let’s look at her Instagram. If so, we might observe that she is overly private about her love life and her personal life in general. Her siblings, parents, and other family members were rarely featured in her posts. However, what did Lauren German’s childhood and family look like?

Her dad is a vascular surgeon in Huntington Beach, California, where Lauren was born. She is of Dutch descent. Lauren and her dad immigrated to the United States as a little girl.

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