How Much Does Rolex Pay Roger Federer?

How Much Does Rolex Pay Roger Federer

Rolex has sponsored Roger Federer since 2006, and he has a massive collection of Rolex watches, but what does he get paid?
The Rolex sponsorship of Swiss tennis star Roger Federer reportedly cost $15 million over ten years. As part of the agreement, Federer received $8 million per year until 2016 but renewed.

How Much Does Rolex Pay Roger Federer

About Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player whose Grand Slam titles exceed any other singles player. Three hundred and forty-one weeks of his world ranking were consecutive. 

Because he did not start playing professionally until age 16, Roger has inspired many worldwide.

The most men’s singles titles (17), most consecutive men’s singles finals (14), and most Grand Slams (20) are all records that Roger Federer currently holds. The number of times he was ranked as the world’s number one is also a record.

The Federer-Rolex relationship

The reason Roger Federer won the 2009 Wimbledon is because of his love of Rolex watches. When he met the trophy, he wore his Rolex, breaking the record for winning the most Grand Slams.

The Rolex on my wrist was still on my wrist when I lifted the trophy for the first time. That’s why I consider it so important. Federer remembered that day well when he looked at the photo.

My Rolex keeps me going back to those great memories every time I put it on. As a result, it makes me realize that you will eventually be passed by someone else if you don’t work hard. Therefore, you should always be fair and ruthless, but always be tough to some extent.” he added.

The value of time is immeasurable.

The business relationship between Roger Federer and Rolex watches has never been more logical. According to Federer, he was the first Swiss person to attain the top spot.

Rolex spotted him as soon as he appeared on the professional tennis circuit. A combination of the Swiss watchmaker and tennis marvel with an illustrious history was the perfect match. 

Especially considering its favorite timepiece brand, Federer allegedly has a long and fruitful relationship with Rolex. During the 2009 Grand Slam, he broke an all-time tennis record while wearing a Rolex, according to an article on Rolex’s website. 

I thought it was a fantastic opportunity for promotion—a record-breaker, tennis’ number one player, wearing a Rolex as he lifted the trophy. 

Watches he wore at the time were Yacht-Master II watches, created in white gold. The look, worth twenty thousand dollars, caused Rolex’s reputation to soar instantly.

In an article in GQ, Federer discusses the expensive watches he wears to win trophies. But he doesn’t just wear the watches around – he puts them on specifically for the photos. 

Probably that’s why Rolex doesn’t have a problem paying such extravagant sponsorship fees. The first ten years of his contract brought him annual revenues of $1.5 million.

The net worth of Roger Federer

The net worth of Roger Federer is $450 million. His net worth is $25.2 million, second only to Serena Williams’ $180 million. 

Since 2017, he has made $111 million US dollars, making him the sport’s wealthiest player since 2006.

Most of Roger’s income comes from endorsements with these companies:

  • Sports Wilson Racquet
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Rolex SA
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Rolex SA
  • The
  • Rolex Group
  • Jura Elektroapparate AG (watchmaker) Mercedes Benz SA Rolex SA
  • The National Suisse and UBS Swiss Bank
  • Net Jets Limited Partnership, among others. 

On his website, he also sells sponsorships for a lot of money.

Roger Federer’s Rolex endorsements: How Much Does He Earn?

When Roger wears their watch during a major tennis tournament or at home, Roger receives an undisclosed sum. According to his contract, he has unlimited advertising rights to promote their products throughout Europe. The shirt can be worn whenever Roger wants without being considered an endorsement.

In addition to Rolex watches, he also wears vintage looks from the 1950s and the Day-Date and Daytona. 

You can buy these watches for $12000 to $5500000! 

A typical endorsement deal signed by Andy Murray with Adidas earns him about $200 000. Roger Federer makes at least twice as much as Andy Murray with Adidas.

In addition to unique editions, he can also purchase a Swiss luxury timepiece. However, since they are limited edition, no one else can acquire them.

Endorsements made simple

In terms of sponsorships, Federer is by no means alone. Sports stars partner with famous brands all the time. 

The Adidas-NBA player Derrick Rose deal was one of the biggest in history. As of 2011, he is worth $260 million to Adidas because he signed a ten-year contract. 

The top spot is currently reserved exclusively for Lebron James and his Nike partnership. However, several leading brands vied for exclusive endorsement deals with him in 2003.

A lifetime partnership with Nike for a mind-blowing 1 billion dollars sealed his fate. Such an endorsement deal has never been seen before. 

A talented athlete has an easy time making money from it. However, an athlete with a large following is almost a given that their product will increase sales. 

Roger Federer certainly falls into this category with his passion for advertising Rolex watches. 

What is Roger Federer’s spending style?

Among the top 10 athletes with the highest salaries was Roger Federer. Forbes reports that the Swiss star is the 7th highest-paid athlete globally, with 130 million USD. So what does he do with that money? He founded an NGO that provides education and other necessities to poor children.

He has also supported several great causes. He has also endorsed several excellent reasons. The Roger Federer foundation works to improve the lives of underprivileged youth. 

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