Is Sansa really Ned's child

Is Sansa really Ned’s child?

Sansa doesn’t look like Ned, but that doesn’t matter to most people since she’s not his child, usually married to their bannerman, other first of men families from the North, and distant cousin. Due to Ned’s marriage to Catelyn, a southerner, her physical appearance traits dominated over his. In Game of Thrones, you hardly see…

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Why Did Billie Piper Change Her Name

Why Did Billie Piper Change Her Name?

Different reasons have caused celebrities to change their names over the years. To please her Italian boyfriend, Madonna adopted the stage name “Madonna.” To avoid the contraction “Chris,” Christopher Grace changed his name to Topher Grace.Nevertheless, Billie Piper’s birth name has become a point of discussion: why did she change it? Keep reading to discover…

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