What is the status of Joey and Melissa Gorga’s marriage? Update 2023

Joey and Melissa Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (a.k.a. RHONJ) is a reality television series originating from the United States that aired on Bravo starting May 12, 2009, under “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Is Melissa still in a relationship with Joe? The show’s fans wanted to know if the couple were still together. Even though the couple has faced difficulties, they are now stronger together. Are Melissa And Joe Still Together? If you wish to read more about Are Melissa And Joe Still Together, read the following article and find out all the details.

Joey and Melissa Gorga
Joey and Melissa Gorga

It focuses on the dynamic of their lives and the drama between them throughout the series. This show has been running since 2009 and has since won the audience’s hearts with the exciting happenings between the stars and their respective partners.
Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga have captivated audiences with their turbulent yet longstanding relationship since the show’s third season started airing. As a result, many fans have wondered whether the two are still together.
In 2002, while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico, the couple met for the first time. It was love at first sight for them, even though they did not speak on the first day. Having searched around for Melissa, they came across each other at a bar on the beach in New Jersey, where they started chatting.
They dated for a long time and decided to wed in 2004. Besides Gino and Antonia, the couple has three other children, Joey, Gino, and Antonia. As a couple, they made their debut appearance on the show back in 2011, but things have been going a bit rocky ever since.

New Jersey’s Real Housewives

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (also known as RHONJ) is an American reality television show which premiered on Bravo on May 12, 2009. The series is the fourth installment of the Real Housewives franchise, which has aired for eleven seasons since its inception. The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) is a reality television show from the U.S. that focuses on the personal and professional lives of various women living in New Jersey. The show’s popularity resulted from the production of two spin-off shows: Manzo’d with Children and Teresa Checks In.

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Is Melissa still in a relationship with Joe?

After enduring a rough time, Melissa was asked if she was in a good place and connected with her husband, Joe, after going through some rough times. Despite the RHONJ season final episode, Melissa answered that they were on good terms, but she admitted she had doubts about their future together. Melissa and Joe have been together for many years despite their reality shows. In addition to their daughter Antonia, they have two sons, Gino, 13 years old, and three children, Joey, ten years old. 

What is the status of Joe and Melissa’s marriage?

Although Melissa and Joe have been a fan favorite for quite some time, it is only for television that the fans get to see everything the couple loves about each other? Many fans have speculated that Melissa and Joe’s marriage and relationship are about to undergo some tough times, but Melissa has said that they are determined not to give up on each other, and Joe has said, “I want you in my life, but you’re holding me back.”. Some fans have speculated that they plan to divorce or run their marriage and relationship funnily. However, for the time being, Melissa and Joe are still together, despite all the rumors that are going around.

Differences between them

However, the couple’s marriage started going through difficulties in the seventh season due to her inability to balance her family duties and her clothing line, Envy, at the same time. It was amazing to see them have a serious argument on the show, where he blamed her for going to work instead of spending time with her family. 

As a reassurance that she had time for the family, the couple’s differences decreased when she cooked dinner. Eventually, they settled their differences, and all was fine until they created season 11.

In the eighth episode, Melissa and Joe had a serious argument in front of their co-stars, with Joe claiming that Melissa had changed since she entered the world of business. The couple apologized to one another and said that they were working together. In an interview with Melissa, she revealed her feelings about Joe and described him as having an old-fashioned thinking style. I was 24 years old when we got married. I did whatever he told me to do. He was jealous. I don’t want to feel guilty for what I want to achieve. He tells me that’s bad.” A few years later, Joe lost his dad, and he and his wife decided to push aside their problems and help 

Melissa commented on a separate post when she said: “We want to wish the best father out there a happy Father’s Day. You’ve been working so hard [every day] since the day we met, and you’ve taught our kids the value of hard work and what family is really about. We love you!”

The following are some recent examples of where Joe has posted messages on Instagram about his philosophy on his marriage through quotes and pictures of him and his wife (some recent examples are below). Around the weekend of Mother’s Day, he shared how much he appreciated Melissa: “You are the most amazing mother. I am so grateful to you for being such a good mother for our children. Thank you so much for being such a great mother for our children. I love you very much.”

This is what I call ‘The Road to Improving’.

As a result of the recent pandemic, she stated that her marriage suffered. When addressing their issues during their time together while filming the series, she says that they argued a lot because they were spending so much time together.

In response to her husband’s reservations about her busy lifestyle, he stated, “It’s not that he’s not proud of it. He is proud of it, but it does take me out of the house a lot. It had become strenuous for our relationship because he didn’t want it. And I was not willing to give it up.” She also added that they became embarrassed at their actions and realized how problematic their relationship became.

They took steps to improve their performance. Joe stopped critiquing, and she became more organized about her commitments. Although they have been married for a long time, she said she understands they are still learning a lot.

Melissa denied rumors in February that she and Joe were getting divorced.

The speed at which gossip makes its way around is as fast as the speed of light. Whenever there is a topic about Melissa and Joe’s marriage, the rumor mill is talking about it.

During one of her interviews with Page Six in February 2021, Melissa spoke about the state of her marriage with Joe. The couple seems to be getting along well, according to Melissa. 

Melissa explained that it was a rough time for us during the year-and-a-half before the pandemic. She also mentioned that “We had a rough time before the pandemic as well.”.

She continued, “I feel like as I am becoming more and more independent in certain ways, he is having a problem keeping up with me.”. The latter replied, “I hate that. It shouldn’t be a struggle, and it is. And we go through it, and we’re very raw, real, and honest about it. So you’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out. But it’s very real for us.”.

‘Tension’ with Melissa Gorga revealed

It is well-known that Melissa Gorga has admitted that her marriage has taken a toll over the many years of being on RHONJ. During the season, she admitted to E! that she and Joe have been bumping heads quite often. This was revealed at the beginning of February. “It’s been rough,” she said. We’ve had some bumps in the road.”

Gorga said, “I would say too, that Joe and I feel like we have been on reality TV for the past 11 years. I would say we are doing an immensely good job. I mean, we have been holding down the fort over there for quite some time.”. The fact that the last two years have been difficult for us is what has led us to admit that it is inevitable. It is not as though we could not handle it.”. The reality is that we must also admit that it is inevitable, it is not as though we didn’t see it coming.”. “Throughout the meeting it was easy to read the tension in the room, and we had been dealing with it a little while back.”.

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