What does Matt Smith think about eyebrows?

Matt Smith think about eyebrows

Also, he has been the subject of fun mockery because of his involvement (and strange dance routine) in the Marvel film Morbius, which is set to be released in 2022. Nevertheless, now people are making fun of him for an entirely other reason, and that reason is his eyebrows. Or, more specifically, the absence of any in his possession. Every fan of Dr. Who has, at some point or another, pondered the mystery of what happened to Matt Smith’s eyebrows. If you were unaware that the famous actor used to have eyebrows but they have since been surgically removed, allow us to fill you in on the transformation.

What happened to the eyebrows on Matt Smith’s face?

Fans of Doctor Who were influenced by Smith’s performance as Voldemort in a variety of different ways. As is your custom, you made an effort to determine the reason why Matt’s eyebrows are so smoothly shaped.

You may have seen hashtags, questions, and investigations concerning the celebrity’s unfortunate eyebrow situation.

Was it in the genes? 

Did he trim his eyebrows to conform to the requirements of his new role? Was he trying to make a statement with his attire? Is he suffering from an eyebrow condition of some kind? There was no end to the questioning. The fact of the issue is that nobody has any idea what happened to Matt Smith’s eyebrows! Incredible, don’t you think?

In one of the movies, he had them, but in the following one, they weren’t there. Kaput! At this point, all you can do is hypothesise and rank your choices between Smith with no eyebrows and Smith with eyebrows. Shaving off Doctor Who’s eleventh incarnation’s trademark eyebrows was met with widespread criticism. After making his debut appearance on Doctor Who in 2005, you might have noticed that the actor’s eyebrows haven’t changed at all since then. You can now hazard a guess as to what caused the condition that his eyebrows are in. Was it an attempt to make a fashion statement? Maybe a genetic disorder? You decide how to proceed.

The internet is going crazy over the fact that Matt Smith does not have any eyebrows.

Due to the fact that Matt Smith continues to make waves with each new episode of House of the Dragon, millions of viewers continue to watch the show. Many viewers are fixated on the fact that Matt does not have eyebrows, despite the fact that die-hard fans of Game of Thrones may be dissecting how each episode contributes to the broader storyline.

A post by the user @charlesperalo on TikTok provides a delightfully extensive breakdown of this topic. Charles claims that the actor had eyebrows when he first started his career, but that they gradually faded away over the course of his four years on Doctor Who.

Charles affirms that by the time he completed playing the part of the Eleventh Doctor in 2013, all traces of them had been eradicated.

Even going so far as to address the claim that Matt Smith has madarosis, a disorder in which a person loses their eyelashes and eyebrows, Charles does so in his film.

Charles wraps up his TikTok by praising Matt for his acting ability, despite the fact that it appears he does not have eyebrows, even though we are unable to verify or refute this diagnosis.

How Would Matt Smith Appear If His Eyebrows Were Removed?

It’s possible that you’ve seen images of Matt Smith without his eyebrows. Some of them are humorous memes, while others are expressions of sympathy for the eleventh incarnation of Doctor Who, who does not have eyebrows. What is it about Matt Smith that makes women find him so attractive? Is it the endearingly innocent expression on his face? Let’s find out.

Several people claim that he has a distinctive look to his hair. Others have commented on how his lack of eyebrows helped him pioneer a new style. You are aware that many people are fascinated by glitter and celebrity.

You are aware that the common saying is that everyone has their own tastes. So the decision is up to you. What does it look like when Matt Smith does not have eyebrows?

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