Karen Lynn Gorney: What happened after Saturday Night Fever?

Karen Lynn Gorney

In the movie Saturday Night Fever, Karen Lynn Gorney played Stephanie, a dancer who wowed her fans with her skill and relaxed demeanor. As Tara Martin, she also appeared on the award-winning show All My Children. She is a professional actress and winner of the European Bravo Awards and People’s Choice Awards. Performer of Shakespeare plays in the US and Europe, and she has performed in various playhouses. In addition to A Crime, her independent productions include Searching for Bobby, which debuted in 2005. Creating Karma, Searching for Bobby, 11 Years of Evil, Dear J, Bronx Paradise, and The Eight Faces of Jane: Kudzu are others. After the big hit, she worked as an actress, and people now wonder what she is doing these days.

Karen Lynn Gorney
Karen Lynn Gorney

During the break, Karen Lynn Gorney did not act. 

Following her performance in Saturday Night Fever, Karen ran an art gallery in Manhattan for a long time. She still markets her paintings on her website, though. In addition to painting and acting, Karen is also interested in photography, which is also a great passion. 

In her return to the big screen, Karen Lynn Gorney.

In the early nineties, Karen returned to Hollywood. She played several minor roles in films throughout her career, including The Hard Way and Ripe. Additionally, she has appeared in some TV shows, including Law & Order, The Sopranos, and Six Degrees of Separation.

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Furthermore, she also portrayed the Duchess of Windsor at the Greenwich Street Theatre in New York. As reported on her Facebook page, she will soon be appearing in the Broadway production of the film Warrior.

Besides being a musician, Karen Lynn Gorney is also a writer. 

Karen seems to be comfortable with all forms of creativity. Aside from her work as an actress and painter, the actress is also a passionate singer. In addition to her three albums, she has performed in many jazz clubs and cafes worldwide. 

Coming to theaters soon

During her time as an actor, she appeared in many films, including Richard III, Henry VI Part 3, and Romeo and Juliet. She also played Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet. She said, “Actors are different. They might be different in gender, but they have the same soul. It’s just a matter of body language. Men have always played women, so why not the other way around?”

Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal is her favorite movie. She also admitted that Ray’s performance in Django Unchained moved her. Her Hot Moonlight album remembers her dad, Jay Gorney, who wrote hit songs like Brother Can You Spare a Dime. The group Tavares dedicated a song to Stephanie’s character. This song was called More Than a Woman. She has held many positions in the movie industry. 

The honor was bestowed upon her.

During the Hunter Mountain Film Festival in 2020, the actress received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Unfortunately, COVID-19 prevented the event from being held. However, in recognition of her achievements and services in the television and film industry, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

The actress played a role in First One In, a Gina O’ Brien-directed comedy about a real estate agent who loses her job and is brought together with a couple of amateur tennis players for a friendly match. Her first love is the theater since it has offered her the opportunity to develop a career in entertainment, whether she is working on a small stage or a big one. However, he refers to his bread, butter, meat, and potatoes as his bread, butter, heart, and potatoes. 

Her favorite thing to do is to paint.

As Gorney took time off from her acting career, she pursued another passion: painting. In Manhattan, Gorney ran a gallery.

She is passionate about painting. Her work can be purchased on her website.

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