Abby De La Rosa Does What She Does For A Living?

Abby De La Rosa Does What She Does For A Living

People are always in the news when they are involved with a celebrity. Abby De La Rosa is experiencing this situation after reports surfaced that Nick Cannon is expecting twins.
Since the announcement, Abby has been beaming with pride and eager to welcome her babies into the world. However, there is much more to her than just being Nick Cannon’s girlfriend.
Would you be interested in learning more about Abby De La Rosa and what she does?

Abby De La Rosa Does What She Does For A Living

About Abby De La Rosa

California is where she was born on October 25, 1991. She is of Mexican and Italian descent. Originally from Puerto Rico, she grew up in Italy.

A Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority member, she attended the University of Southern California (USC). She currently participates in many philanthropic and community service causes throughout LA as part of this organization. 

At USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, she studied Broadcast Journalism focusing on Public Relations/Publicity Studies. In today’s world, this degree is an excellent predictor of her professional career!

Who Are Her Parents?

Tony Pinon and Lupe Delarosa-Pinon are Abby De La Rosa’s parents.

It is unclear what her parents’ professions were.

Additionally, she is one of her parents’ three children. In addition to her older brother, she has two younger siblings. 

Abby De La Rosa Children

A mother of twins, Abby has a daughter and a son.

Zion and Zillion are the twins that La Rosa has with her boyfriend, Nick Cannon. La Rosa gave birth to them on June 14.

Her fans learned of her pregnancy in December 2020. A maternity shoot also features Nick flexing his baby bump alongside Abby.

How much money does Abby De La Rosa have?

Many wondered about Abby’s net worth after the news of her pregnancy broke. This information has not been publicly disclosed, but speculation suggests the figure could be as low as $500,000 or even less. 

Having gotten together with Nick, some believe her worth might increase significantly, though it is unclear what financial arrangements they have made. 

Even though he has no relationship with anyone, Nick recently stirred up controversy. As a result of antisemitic remarks he made on his podcast, Viacom fired him from his show Wild N’ Out. He later apologized for his comments, and he remains The Masked Singer’s host. 

Nick must maintain a steady income now that he’s expecting even more children. 

Abby De La Rosa Career

She began her career with iHeartMedia as a radio personality in 2015. Currently, she runs a company called Masked by la Rose that sells washable and reusable face masks. You can purchase face masks from her website as well.

If you think she’s with Nick Cannon because of his power, you should reconsider. Her independent nature has always made her very self-reliant. Women like her are independent in every aspect of life and keep to themselves. Masked By La Rosa, for example, sells colorful masks to protect people during epidemics. What a sweet soul!

Who is Abby De La Rosa, and what does she do?

Founder, broadcaster, and international DJ DJ De La Rosa is an entrepreneur, broadcaster, and DJ.

Before dating Nick Cannon, she used to be a part of the entertainment industry. Currently, she is the host of a daily radio show on Los Angeles’s Real 92.3. In addition, she has performed as a DJ at events around the world.

While the DJ has achieved a lot in her life, there have been some bumps along the way. In an Instagram story video, she revealed that she suffers from anxiety. Teddy, her service dog, was supposed to help ease her nerves, according to the international DJ.nIn 2021, Teddy died of an unexpected illness.

It’s only a matter of time before she overcomes her nerves now that she has twins!

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